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Qubo Baby Cam

Hero Electronix launches Qubo Baby Cam, AI-powered baby monitor with Full HD camera

Hero Electronix has launched Qubo Baby Cam, which is India’s first truly Smart Baby Monitor in its launch event at New Delhi today. Hero Electronix had entered the Indian market in 2019 with their Qubo smart connected devices and now has plans to enter the parenting tech column with its new Qubo baby Cam.

The Qubo Baby Cam is priced at Rs. 7490 and will be available across leading online stores like Amazon and Firstcry. It will also be made available in retail stores starting this month.

The Qubo Baby Cam is the first product in the parenting tech category in India. It is an AI-powered project with market-first features like virtual cradle and baby cry monitor tailor-made for the needs of Indian parents.

In this fast-paced world, taking care of your loved infant becomes difficult. The joy of parenting somewhere takes a hit with people getting busier and busier in their work schedules. The Qubo Baby Cam helps parents to keep in touch with their infants from anywhere, anytime. It has a high-quality video baby monitor which will allow parents to interact with their babies seamlessly. The artificial intelligence in the Qubo Baby Cam detects quickly when the baby needs attention when the baby cries or leaves a certain space.

The Qubo Baby Cam has many market-first features making it an ideal choice for parents as an extra pair of eyes and ears to work on their behalf.

High-Quality camera – The Qubo Baby Cam has a camera that can capture at Full HD 1080p, and parents can keep an eye on their baby using the smartphone Qubo app. The camera also supports Night Vision.

Seamless Communication – It supports two-way communication with Noise-Cancellation to allow seamless communication between parents and the babysitters.

The Qubo Baby Cam has an AI-enabled Baby Cry Alert that isolates the cry of the baby from background noises to efficiently notify the parents in the app about their baby. Smart Virtual Cradle ensures that your new-born is always in a designated safe zone.

Auto Lullaby – The smart cam can play customized lullabies for the baby when the AI detects that the baby is upset.

Time-lapse videos – The smart cam can shoot time-lapse videos to capture your child’s daily activities in a memorable way. The videos can also be shared over social media like WhatsApp and Facebook from the Qubo app.

The Qubo Baby Cam has military-grade Q-Crypto Secured Data Streaming with cloud storage in India that ensures data security and privacy. The transmission between the camera and cloud is secured, private & protected by standardized cryptographic algorithms.

The cam has a cute Penguin-shaped design for kids that keeps a smile on the face of your baby, this is a good addition over the AI features the cam offers.

The Qubo Baby Cam has been engineered from scratch aiming at modern-day parents indulged in various activities who find it difficult to give time to their loved ones. n order to assist parents better, Q-Experts(customer service team) will assist them in setting up the device and offer round the clock customer support to address any grievances. The Qubo Baby Cam is an addition to Hero Electronix’s lineup of Home-Automation and Security Systems.

At the launch, Ujjwal Munjal, Founder Director, Hero Electronix, said, “Continuing on our journey of building SMART innovative products at affordable prices, we are proud to introduce the Qubo Baby Cam, our foray in the parenting-tech category. With Qubo baby cam we intend to bring back the joy of parenting by using advanced AI to capture and secure beautiful moments.”

The baby monitor market size was valued at $1.2 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $1.9 billion by 2027, which is an expected growth in CAGR of 5.4% from 2020 to 2027. The projected size of the smart home/security market in India is expected to be $6 billion by 2022 and $53 billion globally.

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