Light a start-up based in Palo Alto, California has pushed the power and lenses of a DSLR into a compact rectangular camera which is similar to your regular point and shoot cameras. The rectangular camera is capable of capturing images at a cool 52 megapixels. Light L16 is clearly targeted at the DSLR users who would love to have a compact camera with the power of a DSLR which fits in your pouch or handbag.

To get the image quality of a DSLR, Light has included not just one or two lens and image sensors but 16 camera modules which come in three difference focal lengths. It has five 35-millimeter modules, five 70-millimeter ones and size 150-millimeter ones stuffed into the little black rectangular box which is just amazing. Light has made this possible with the help of folded optics – each camera module is placed on its side and light comes in through an aperture and hits a mirror which then travels down the barrel of the lens to an image sensor. All the Lenses can be seen in the front of the camera which looks like a honeycomb.

light l16 camera features

With the presence of different camera modules with different focal lengths depending on how close you want to zoom in on a subject, different modules fire at once, the mirrors inside the modules also move simultaneously to grab light depending on the amount of light available, the camera is equipped with a flash. This will be easier to be shown in a image form than to explain it which is making it seem a lot complex than it is.

Light cofounder and CEO Dave Grannan, talking about the Light L16, said:

“We don’t think that on day one everybody drops their DSLR and buys one of these, but we think there’s a great population of people that will appreciate the size, cost, and weight reduction,”

The L16 comes with a display, surprisingly a viewfinder is absent and the battery at full charge is said to last up to 400 photos whether it is with the flash on or not is not confirmed. Users will be capable of doing some minor editing directly on the camera like adjusting the color and contrast, it is possible because the camera will be running on a modified version of Android. Grannan also mentioned that users will be able to play around with things like change the depth of field in their computers.

Light has started taking preorders for the L16 camera from Wednesday for $1,699 and the shipping will not start until late next summer, which is a let down for many fans who are exited to use it as early as possible.



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