Honor 7x vs. Honor 6x vs. Honor 9i – How do they differ?

Honor 7x vs 6x vs 9i

The Honor 7x is officially launched in India and it comes in two variants, with quite a lot of changes from what was its predecessor, the Honor 6x. But, the company also had another phone being offered with a few similar specs and it was the Honor 9i that was priced a little higher but the focus was more on the selfie cameras while maintaining everything else similar to the Honor 7x.

If we are to compare the three phones, here’s what you need to know about the three of them and see how the Honor 7x, Honor 6x, and Honor 9i differ from each other in every aspect.

Design, Size, and Display

Design-wise, all the three have a metal backplate and while they offer a similar build quality, the arrangement of the cameras on the back make them look different. The Honor 6X has the cameras placed a little towards the center and that is how most of the devices come with, while the Honor 9i has a smaller module towards the center top area, but the Honor 7x has a unique position, with the two lenses having their own rings and not covered by a single slab of glass, towards the corner left on the back of the phone.

The size is not so different but only a few millimeters is how they differ, but the Honor 7x and 9i are slimmer than the 6x because they have larger bodies and thus can accommodate the same battery in a slimmer body. The Honor 6x has a 5.5-inch Full HD display, while the Honor 9i and 7x have a larger 5.9-inch display with the 2160 x 1080 pixels Full HD+ resolution and the aspect ratio of 18:9.

Also, it is worth a mention that the Honor 7x is said to have a Gorilla Glass protection for its display, though the version is unknown.

Internal Hardware

The internal specs are where the difference between the two phones, Honor 6x and 7x is seen. The Honor 6x had a Hisilicon Kirin 655 processor powering it, while the Honor 7x and Honor 9i both come powered with the Hisilicon Kirin 659 processor. While it is the same GPU that is given for all the three, the performance is surely better on the newer phones having faster chipsets.

Honor 7x vs 6x vs 9i specs

Also, while the Honor 6x has variants with 3GB RAM, 32GB internal storage and 4GB RAM, 64GB internal storage, the Honor 7x doesn’t compromise on the RAM as both the variants come with 4GB of RAM while it is the storage that gives two variants a difference with 32GB and 64GB options. The Honor 9i on the other side has a single variant with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage.


Firstly, the rear cameras on the Honor 6x and 7x differ with the megapixel count, as the aperture size remains the same but the 16MP camera on the back of Honor 7x is capable of taking some better pictures when compared to the 12MP camera on the back of the device, and the two have a 2MP secondary camera for the depth sensing.

Interestingly, the Honor 9i has the same camera combination to what the Honor 7x has, and it is the front-facing camera where these two phones differ. The 9i has a better set of selfie cameras, as the phone offers a dual-lens camera combination here with the 13MP + 2MP cameras that help in portrait shots with the front camera, but that combination is not seen on either the Honor 6x, nor the Honor 7x. Both these phones offer an 8MP camera with the F/2.0 aperture.

The video recording capabilities, the presence of phase detection autofocus, and lack of OIS is common among all the devices, and since all the three phones are from the same brand, it is worth saying that the software for the camera is the same.

Other differences

The price is what makes these phones entirely different. The Honor 6x is priced currently at Rs. 11999 and Rs. 13999 for the two variants, while the Honor 7x is priced aggressively for the 32GB storage variant that comes for Rs. 12999, while the 64GB storage variant costs you Rs. 15999. The Honor 9i has a single variant that is priced at Rs. 17999, taking it to another range, but it has the advantage of a great selfie camera combination.

When it comes to looks, the Honor 7x is the best looking phone of the three, though each of them has a metal backplate and they also possesses almost the same connectivity ports and buttons, with the presence of a hybrid SIM slot.

Now, if we are to finally compare the phones and ask which is the better one, I think it is the Honor 7x that should get the vote for being a balanced one, but then, there is a certain compromise with the selfie camera, and the good thing is that you see a good price difference and then can decide whichever is the phone suited as each of them are a good offering for the price.