Samsung Galaxy A3 vs A5 vs A7 Differences in Specs, Pricing

    Samsung using a non-plastic body is something new, interesting and good. But at the same time, Samsung has not learned about the pricing yet, as the premium look phones still get those premium price tags although many other brands are launching phones with competitive pricing.

    Samsung A series has Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A7. These are quite different in size, specs and pricing. Check below for the comparison between the three phones, and decide which one suits your need.

    Samsung Galaxy A3 vs A5 vs A7 Comparison

    Screen and Display

    The Galaxy A3 has a 4.5-inch display, with qHD resolution and it is the Super AMOLED display. Galaxy A5 comes with a 5-inch display with 720p resolution while the Galaxy A7 has a 5.5-inch display with the Full HD 1080p resolution, and these two also have the Super AMOLED display.

    Given that the Galaxy A5 has a decent HD resolution and will be a more comfortable to hold device in hand, we recommend that more than the other two phones. Though, Full HD on the Galaxy A7 would always look better with content output.

    Samsung Galaxy A3 vs A5 vs A7

    Processor, RAM and Storage

    Interestingly, the Galaxy A3 and A5 have the same processor, while the top end Galaxy A7 has a better processor with an Octa-core CPU.

    Processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 in both Galaxy A3 and A5, but while the Galaxy A3 has 1GB RAM, the Galaxy A5 comes with 2GB RAM which may be helpful for multiple apps to run together.
    The processor that powers the Galaxy A7, is Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 which is an octa-core phone clocking at 1.5 GHz, along with 2GB RAM.

    Both these processors are with 64-bit architecture and the Snapdragon 410 is a quad-core processor. The need for a 1080p display might should be high, thus Snapdragon 615 would do a good job in the Galaxy A7, but although the same processor in the other two, the Galaxy A5 having more RAM should be a better choice.

    The storage provided in all the three phones is the same – 16GB internal with MicroSD card slot for storage expansion.

    Operating System, Interface and Performance

    All the three A series phones from Samsung run Android 4.4.4 KitKat, and they have the similar TouchWiz user interface, but the difference is with the settings section where we see limited options to personalise the view and search for options in the Galaxy A3, and in this aspect, the Galaxy A5 and A7 are the same.

    Pre-installed apps are same as well in all the 3 phones and the response is best in Galaxy A7 due to the processor. Performance wise, the Galaxy A5 and A7 are much similar and still, the A7 wins with a little better gaming experience. But if you are okay and not always into playing games, the Galaxy A5 managed RAM in a better way for standard usage.

    The camera app was a little slower in speed in A5, and was quickest to open and capture pictures in the A7. The app switching seemed smoother in the A5 when compared to the A7, while we were more than happy with the performance on the A7 in every aspect, given that it has a better processor when compared to the other two.


    The camera app is the same for all the three phones but the camera resolution is different only with the A3, because the Galaxy A5 and A7 come with a 13 megapixel back camera when compared to 8 megapixel camera on the back of A3.

    It is a 5-megapixel camera on the front of all the three phones and they come with some gesture functions although it is no different in any of them. CMOS sensors are on the back of all the smartphones, while the captures seemed much better in the Galaxy A5 & A7, which were no different from each other.


    The battery capacity given in Galaxy A3 is 1900 mAh, while in the A5 it is 2300 mAh and the highest capacity is in A7 with 2600 mAh capacity. But the battery seemed to give the best life in the Galaxy A5 because the usage was for over a day on regular use, and even the Galaxy A7 couldn’t last for the same time on similar usage.

    According to Samsung the highest talktime would be possible on A7, but on everything combined, the best battery life was seen on Galaxy A5.


    The connectivity options provided in the three phones are as follows:

    • Galaxy A3: 2G, 3G
    • Galaxy A5: 4G LTE FDD with 2100, 1800, 850, 2600, 900 and 800 bands support, 4G LTE TDD with 2300 band
    • Galaxy A7: 4G LTE FDD with 2100, 1800, 850, 2600, 900 and 800 bands support, 4G LTE TDD with 2300 band

    The Galaxy A3 doesn’t have NFC connectivity, but the other two come with NFC.

    The Wi-Fi on Galaxy A3 supports only 2.4 GHz, while on the other two it is both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz support for Wi-Fi connectivity.

    While the Galaxy A3 supports only Gear Circle wearable, the Galaxy A5 supports Galaxy Gear, Gear Circle and Gear Fit, and the Galaxy A7 extends support to even Gear Circle.

    Final Conclusion

    If you are okay using a big screen phone, then the Galaxy A7 seems to be an ultimate winner and a perfect choice for you, but if you feel the screen should be a little smaller, then A5 should be the choice rather than A3 although its lesser price. The reasons – camera, RAM and the battery capacity.

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