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LG Wing

The LG WING 5G is an Engineering marvel, made to last

The LG WING 5G is one of the most special phones you can buy right now in the market, with a dual-display setup unique to itself, in its swivel motion. But how exactly has LG has managed to cramp it up in a footprint that fits in your pocket? With no motors involved in the actual hinge mechanism, the LG WING 5G uses a spring clamp adding to over a million tested swivels and… wait, why don’t we explain to you the actual thought process that went into the making of the LG WING 5G? Let’s take a deeper look at the same.

LG WING – the secret of the HINGE is in your doors

When you have a look at the swivel mechanism of the LG WING 5G, it makes you think about its complexity on how exactly the screens rotate and lock in their positions snug? The most common answer for the perfect fit can be magnets, but no! The LG WING 5G uses a simple yet effective mechanism that you can find on almost every door. As you can see in this image, the hinge consists of two grooves, where one plate locks on the track of the groove and slides freely through the curve.

The spring between the plates maintains the perfect opening and closing angles, which means that applying little extra force while opening the second screen is something that the WING can handle pretty well. It’s very interesting to see how LG has used such a simple mechanism without any motors or screws which adds to the robustness of the device. This is what gives the LG WING its Mil-STD-810G certification, even though it has such an unorthodox design!

The hinge uses a hydraulic damper, which gives you the clicky feeling when the screens snap in its place. This damper maintains the balance between the springs and the sprocket, a principle used in vehicle suspensions! Ever imagined you could see such kind of hardware on a smartphone? Here’s where LG has deployed the same, in a way you can use two screens at a time, while the device itself has a form factor enough to fit in your jeans.

Multitasking like never before

The LG WING brings in a plethora of multitasking ways, which one can take to their own limits by being creative. The secondary screen, when in its swivel state can be used to control the main display in ways you could imagine before. You can control volume levels, adjust brightness, or use the bottom screen as a complete remote to enhance your experience while consuming media without actually hampering the real estate of the primary screen. No interruptions, you see that?

The LG WING can also use the secondary screen as an entirely new device, where you can reply to messages, take quick notes, or even place a call while doing your task on the main screen. The Snapdragon 765G has all the potential to handle both the screens simultaneously for a seamless dual-tasking experience. But is it just about a controller that instructs the main screen, think again!

The secondary screen of the LG WING 5G can be used to trigger music using the Google Assistant, while you are driving so that you can enjoy those long rides without actually touching the device. The short screen gives you all the info about the media being played, while the larger screen keeps you on the right path with maps loaded. This is just one instance where the LG WING 5G gives you the freedom to complete multiple tasks at a time, where other devices in the market are trying to implement the same with just software features like PiP, or floating tabs.

You can get as creative as you are with the LG WING with its multitasking abilities. If you get one and think of any out-of-the-box ways where you used the LG WING 5G in a way no other phone could have completed that, feel free to tag us and we will be very happy to see your creativity.

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