The sequel, makeover or whatever you name this next car from Toyota, the Innova Crysta is now officially known and a lot has been detailed about it before the official release in May 2016. The details went out along with some original photos of the car, thanks to the Auto Expo 2016 that happened recently.

You may also call this the 2016 Innova, but the Toyota Innova Crysta is what the car is being officially called now. Design wise, you won’t even be able to make out any similarity between the current Innova and the Crysta, but Toyota has decided to change it so much that the new design looks like a huge makeover.

Let’s discuss about the Toyota Innova Crysta, and we’ll let you know what all have we learned about the upcoming IMV (International Multi-purpose vehicle) from Toyota.

2016 Toyota Innova Crysta Launch

What could be the expected launch and booking date of the Innova Crysta?

It is expected that we might see this in the market in May 2016, and the bookings for the car might begin a month before, i.e. in April 2016.

What is the expected price of the Crysta?

Since we are talking about the expected price, just take it as expected and nothing official. We might see the Crysta to be priced from Rs. 14 lacs to Rs. 20 lacs for the different variants.

Any highlights on how the design is different from the previous Innova model?

As said, it is so much different that you won’t feel like you are looking at an Innova. A very aggressive approach from Toyota, the grille is made to look stronger and masculine now, and a larger windshield is provided as well. The Crysta has higher seating, less rounded headlamps, and it now sports a new rear-quarter glass. There are changes to the side profile as well, and thus, you will see a lot to explore.

What are the transmissions available in this?

While the all-new platform from Toyota has the standard manual transmission options, the company has confirmed that the Toyota Crysta will now have a new engine with 6-speed automatic transmission as well.

Can you detail about the engines of the Crysta?

In Indonesia, the variant of Innova is available with 2.0L 1 TR-FE petrol and 2.4L 2 GD FTV diesel engines. While the 2.0-litre four-cylinder produces 139 PS and 18.7 kg-m of torque, it comes with either 5-speed manual transmission or a 6-speed automatic transmission. The 2.4-litre diesel engine produces 149 PS and 34.9 kg-m of torque with the 5-speed manual transmission or 36.7 kg-m of torque with the 6-speed automatic transmission.

While these are the details about the Innova 2016 in Indonesia, there is no guarantee that it could be the same inclusion in the Crysta.

Innova Crysta 2016 Features

What are the special features of the Crysta 2016?

  • Introduction of three new colors
  • 17-inch alloy wheels
  • Smart entry system with start/stop button
  • Easy close back door
  • Chrome window lining
  • Airbags – Dual front, side and knee
  • ABS
  • EBD
  • BA
  • Automatic climate control with rear cooler
  • 7-inch audio system with navigation
  • Cruise control
  • Powered driver’s seat
  • Anti-theft system
  • Front seat with easy slide from rear
  • 1-touch tumble for 2nd row seats
  • 1-touch third row space up seats
  • LED daytime-running lamps
  • New sweptback headlamps and fog lamps
  • Multi-layered bootlid

2016 Toyota Innova Crysta

There are some standard features that should already be a part and were seen in the previous Innova as well, but the ones given above are the highlights that you need to remember.

What are the dimensions of the Toyota Crysta?

The car is 4,735 mm long, 1,830 mm wide, 1,795 mm high and has a wheelbase of 2,750 mm.

What would be the mileage offered by the Crysta?

This is another feature about which the company hasn’t mentioned much, except the fact that it will be 10% better than the current Innova model. So, for the diesel variant you can expect it to give about 11 kmpl in the city, and on highways, about 16 kmpl.

Is India going to be the first market to get the Crysta model?

Probably yes, because while the next version of Innova is already launched in Indonesia, it is called 2016 Toyota Kijang, so even if most of the specs might be the same, Crysta is the name seen first in the Indian market.

We will keep updating this guide and let you know if we find anything more about the 2016 variant of the Innova, i.e. the Crysta!


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