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JBL Quantum Series

JBL Quantum series of gaming headphones and speakers announced at CES 2020

JBL has taken a leap finally into the gaming segment with its new lineup of gaming headsets under the Quantum branding, announced at the CES 2020. The JBL Quantum series won’t be just another series of headphones as the company defines them with “its own virtualized surround sound and head tracking technology” and JBL says that the goal is to immerse the players into the games with these headphones. There are also speakers announced in the same lineup.

The Quantum 100 is the basic set with the wired connectivity and the virtualized surround sound experience offered even in that, and if you pay the double to get the Quantum 300, it includes the company’s 7.1 surround sound technology called QuantumSurround. Furthermore, there are the Quantum 600 headphones that add the wireless support that is not present on the first two models, and adding more to the budget gives you the Quantum 800 that would be working with 2.4Ghz receiver and Bluetooth 6.

JBL Quantum One

The flagship headphones in the series, though, are the Quantum One. It features the 360-degree surround sound technology, and it has the head tracking technology integrated, for which you would have to connect the headphones to the computer to work. To understand it better, if you are in a game and want to get the virtual experience of sound from every direction, that’s how it is delivered and you could pick up sounds with the rotation of your head while wearing the headphones. The surround sound virtualization works in a way to follow your ears and this has a tiny calibration mic to make things work in a better way.

The company also says that the QuantumSphere 360-degree algorithms are integrated into the Windows audio systems, so you don’t need any third-party audio tooling or extra task required for the head tracking feature to work, and this entire system will work for other audio sources too, not just the immersive games.

Apart from these headphones, the Quantum DUO speakers are a part of the gaming lineup, and these include the Dolby Digital support and virtual surround sound tech, and while it won’t be able to replace the headphone experience offered on the Quantum One, there would still be enough to give a surround sound experience on the speakers for those who prefer it, and there’s the lighting integrated for enhancing the gamers’ experience.

JBL Quantum series pricing and availability

  • Quantum 100 for $40
  • Quantum 300 for $80
  • Quantum 600 for $200
  • Quantum 800 for $250
  • Quantum One for $300
  • Quantum DUO speakers for $150

The JBL Quantum series is said to be available starting April 2020.

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