Sony MDR-1AM2 wired headphones delivers high-res audio at $299

Sony MDR-1AM2

Sony’s two latest headphones under the 1000X range offers a lot, with the priority on the active noise cancellation. The one they are unveiling at the CES 2018 event is a wired one, and doesn’t have noise cancellation, but it works to deliver high-res audio. What Sony claims is that the Sony MDR-1AM2 is going to offer high-resolution, high-quality audio on the move.

A newly made 40mm audio driver is made with an aluminum-coated liquid crystal polymer diaphragm. Though it isn’t really significant for the human ears, the frequency response of these headphones top at 100 kHz, and there is a 4.4mm Pentaconn balanced audio connector, coupled with a cable that has the 3.5mm jack. This headphone model doesn’t have a wireless option.

The previous model, i.e. MDR-1A was launched back in 2014, and according to Sony, this one is a lighter model, and the company also claims that it will be more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time with the synthetic leather ear pads. If one has to relate the design to any existing models, it can be called similar to the MDR-Z1R from the company, and those headphones are a premium one with a price over $2000.

The availability of Sony MDR-1AM2 is set for this spring and the price for these headphones is $299.99.