Noble Skiodo, a brand known for TV experience in India has tied up with Skiodo Inc. from Silicon Valley, California, USA, to launch a new Smart TV, the 50SM48P01Smart TV, which is said to be the next evolution internet connected TV that sees the inclusion of advanced functionalities.

The 50SM48P01 from Noble Skiodo comes with a 48-inch Full HD resolution LED display and it boasts Wi-Fi connectivity and a motion sensor plus keyboard remote. For the display, the LED cells are from Samsung, and for the sound, there are two 10W speakers included.

Noble TV 50SM48P01 Smart TV

Smart, but what does it run? The Noble Skiodo Smart TV has Android OS running with pre-installed apps in it. According to the company, apps such as Skype, WhatsApp and some other social apps are already installed on the TV. The Smart TV is powered by Quartex A7 quad-core CPU along with 512MB RAM and it offers 1GB of internal storage.

There is inbuilt Miracast support and the Smart TV can also be connected with smartphones or tablets using this, even by using the MHL technology. For the content support, there is MPEG4/H264, VGA Port, three HDMI ports, USB port & Digital Media Player.

Incorporating pioneering features, this television is bestowed with two remotes; one for all the TV functioning and other, a magic remote, which is an inbuilt keyboard and a motion sensor remote which makes navigating through the Television easier and quicker.Lastly, with 2D to 3D conversion capabilities, you can now enjoy the big game, your favorite TV shows, or movies any real time content in stunning 3D experience.

The Smart TV will be available on Amazon India, and the price is set at Rs. 39999. It will have a one-year warranty.


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  • P j, May 2, 2016 @ 1:34 pm Reply

    It is cortex not “quartex”

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