Google Chromebook Pixel, Cheap and Powerful Laptop Unveiled – Specs, Price

    Google’s own Chromebook Pixel machine has always been the “Nexus” of the Chrome OS. And for some time now, we have been expecting a new Chromebook to be released by Google.

    Following the Apple event last day, where we got the All New MacBook, that featured a USB-C port and a Fanless design, here we are today talking about the all new Google Chromebook Pixel that according to Google, is faster, cheaper and more efficient than before.

    Google has announced not just one, but two successors to the Chromebook Pixel featuring new technologies and improving upon issues that were faced by existing Chromebook users.

    Google Chromebook Pixel

    The Physical appearance of the latest generation Chromebooks remains rather unaltered. But the overall look and feel is more polished. It still features the same 12.95 inch 2560×1700 touchscreen display.

    The basic Chromebook comes with a 2.2GHz core i5 processor, with 8 GB of RAM, Intel 5500 GPU and 32 GB SSD and is priced at $999.

    The LS version (“Ludicrous Speed”, as Google calls it) features core 2.4 i7 processor backed up by 16 GB RAM, Intel 5500 GPU and 64 GB SSD.

    Both these machines weigh in at just 3.3 lbs and are WIFI only. There are no talks about the LTE variants as of now.

    Other improvements to the Chromebook Pixel involves the introduction of USB-C standard and an improved battery life up to about 12 hours. Charging up the laptop takes just around an hour and half and you can get up to 2 hours of usable battery backup with just 15 minutes of charging.

    The latest Chromebook Pixel is up for purchase in the US from Google’s own virtual hardware store, and the launch of the Chromebook Pixel in the UK is expected in a month. Though details of the global launch of the laptop are still unknown.

    Akhil Pulotil is a 21 year old CSE undergrad with immense love for technology. You can follow the latest tech updates shared by him here, and also follow his personal Facebook and Twitter profiles.

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