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Gizmo Times 2015 Ratings Smartphones

Gizmo Times rates India’s Best Smartphones of 2015 [Based on Price]

It’s that time of the year when we review what smartphones ruled against the others in their price range. Oh, but doesn’t year end mean that the lists are pointless? Of course not, the best come with so much that they are good for more than a year to come.

We’ve used and reviewed over 10 devices every month and have been quite selective while doing that. Several brands have come up with phones every few days, and a few have restricted their list to just a handful number of devices. Let’s see which phones actually made a mark, and were all impressive in their respective price ranges.

Gizmo Times 2015 Ratings Smartphones

Note: There will be about five phones listed in each category, to be fair since there would be certain areas where the user needs an alternative, especially with the screen size, build, and the hardware specification.

Best smartphones 2015 budget phones Best smartphones 2015 from 10000 to 15000

Best smartphones 2015 from 15000 to 20000 Best smartphones 2015 from 20000 to 30000

Gizmo Times 2015 Best Flagships Best fitness trackers India 2015

Those were our choices, and they don’t necessarily mean to be the favorites for everyone. There could be some that you didn’t like, and had better devices to talk about. Which were your favorites in every category? We’d love to hear your thoughts!



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