MediaTek ready to launch 5G devices in India with Dimensity Series

    MediaTek has shown keen interest to penetrate the budget 5G chipset market and has made available several 5G-enabled chipsets for OEMs. The Dimensity 800U, a 5G capable chipset which the company aims to target with mid-range devices was officially announced by MediaTek in India a few weeks back and now, they have announced that Mediatek looks forward to launching 5G devices in India starting January and following months.

    The upcoming Dimensity series of chipsets by MediaTek will feature a lot of in-house enhancements for 5G connectivity and performance.

    MediaTek’s Intelligent 5G Connectivity

    The company has developed it owns proprietary 5G UltraSave technology that brings a balance between power consumption and network reception of 5G. This will ensure seamless connectivity between 5G and existing 4G LTE networks with its intelligent networking modems.

    MediaTek MiraVision

    MiraVision is MediaTek’s own way where it optimizes the chipset to handle displays in many efficient ways. This will also widen the compatibility of the chipset with HDR certified displays, and making the processing of HDR based media content much better, enriching the user experience. MiraVision will also bring support for higher refresh rate displays, up to 144Hz.

    HyperEngine for Gaming

    The MediaTek HyperEngine will bring in improved algorithms in the ALU of the chipset for longer and better gaming sessions. This will let games utilize displays with a higher refresh rate with the chipset, for a good connection between processing and displaying the same game contents in real-time.


    The newer Dimensity chipsets will support multiple cameras, with quad setups and more with primary cameras ranging around 64 megapixels. MediaTek will also use native ISPs (Image Signalling Processors) for AI-based camera processing features, and better low-light performance.

    MediaTek Dimensity 100+ Chipset

    The MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ chipset will be fabricated on a 7nm architecture and will be 5G enabled. It comes with 5G carrier aggregation support along with WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity options as well. The new chip will also feature MediaTek’s AI Processing Unit APU 3.0 with double the efficiency of its predecessor. It is also capable of handling displays over 144Hz and comes with all the above-mentioned Dimensity Series features like 5G UltraSave, MiraVision, HyperEngine, and more.

    Dr. Yenchi Lee, Deputy General Manager of MediaTek’s Wireless Communications Business Unit, gives us an idea about MediaTek’s vision for the Indian 5G smartphone market by saying,

    India is one of the largest consumers of data, globally, and the market is primed for the seamless connectivity and transformative speed offered by 5G. MediaTek is at the forefront of the global 5G revolution, and we continue to work with popular smartphone brands to bring 5G enabled devices to Indian consumers. Our flagship-grade MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ will deliver premium experiences as Indian telecom authorities move to quickly deploy 5G in the country.

    Chinmay Dhumal
    Chinmay Dhumal
    Chinmay Dhumal is a passionate tech enthusiast who while is a student, but studies tech and gaming more than he is supposed to, but he enjoys what he does. Bio provided by Chetan Bhawani!

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