Kolibree Sonic toothbrush that was released earlier and has been a hit with tech enthusiastic users. It is the first smart Sonic toothbrush that gives you real-time data about your brushing habits, turns teeth brushing into a learning experience and keeps kids entertained while educating them. It acts a 3D controller with motion sensors to help users push towards better brushing.

At CES 2016, Kolibree Sonic Toothbrush is getting new games which are targetted at age groups from 3 years to teenage years and a Coach feature for adults. With the brush you can check where you have brushed and places which are missed, score will be given based on the brushing technique and you will score higher if brushed at the correct angle.

Kolibree smart toothbrush

The New games which are introduced will be available for Android and iOS. The already present Go Pirate game is totally revamped and new, it is a fun-3 month training course for young children. The other games are:

  • Rabbids Invasion: At the Olympic Games – out-of-this-world fun-loving creatures advance in running, javelin and other events through proper brushing. Game developer Ubisoft has selected Kolibree’s platform for this novel approach to preventive oral health. (ages 3-12)
  • La Fontaine’s Fables – Hear stories as you brush; stop brushing and the story stops, too. (ages 3-6)
  • Olly Splash – Olly the Happy Submarine finds adventures under the sea. (ages 6-12)
  • Rage Against the Zombies -This new toothbrush game for adolescents is an ideal partner for Kolibree’s new orthodontics brush head for people with braces. (ages 12+)

For Adults the brushing data will be stored and can be viewed later using the App in Offline mode. There is some new hardware coming in spring 2016. Kolibree’s orthodontic brush head is said to be designed with the help of dentists to make it practical. It helps to brush more easily, safely and gently directly around the brackets to prevent those dreaded post-orthodontia cavities.

Thomas Serval, Kolibree founder and CEO, said: “Kolibree gives parents fun tools to help children learn to brush properly from a very young age. The Kolibree platform strengthens the dentist-patient relationship by allowing parents to digitally share family brushing habits with their dentist as part of a personalized approach to preventive dental care.”

The other accessories are stickers for the toothbrush handles, a brush head cap which helps in protecting your brush while travelling. There is also a mirror-mounted phone holder as well. The battery life has been improved with two to three weeks depending on usage. You can catch the new games and the Kolibree gaming toothbrush live in action at CES, Las Vegas. On January 6th from 10-11:15 am, Press Conference: Living in Digital Times Breakfast Special: Trends & Products with a Side of Innovation, Venetian, Level 2, Bellini 2003.


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