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Blackberry Venice slider leak

BlackBerry Venice slider with Android spotted with leaked images

Blackberry has been in news lately, with rumors of their latest slider smartphone, called Venice, and this interestingly will be coming with Android Lollipop OS. There have been a lot of rumors and images of the smartphone being leaked online. With the latest leak the whole look and the OS of the device has become clear.

The BlackBerry Venice slider appears to be a slider going after the BB 9900 look, the display is turned on in these images and it seems to be running on Android Lollipop 5.0. The keyboard and the display seem to match the introductory video which was leaked by @evleaks on twitter earlier. The QWERTY keypad is in typical BB style having the same design of the keys as well. The BlackBerry Venice has the SIM card slot and the microSD card slot on top and the power button along with the volume rockers are placed on the right side of the device.

Blackberry Venice slider leak

The display seems to be slightly curved and ends on the sides, whether the display follows the curve or ends before the curvature cannot be seen in the images posted. There are no visible physical buttons of closing the slider. There is a rear camera with two flashes which can be dual LED flash. The BlackBerry Venice slider will be running on Android 5.0 Lollipop-based BB 10 OS or whether users can switch between BB 10 and Android OS is not yet clear.

From the images which we can see, the presence of Android OS running on Venice is clear. With Google not so free in allowing dual boot devices it is not clear if BlackBerry will be coming with dual boot or will be going with Android as the whole and sole OS with their BB 10 skin over it.

If BlackBerry wants to satisfy its fans and also wants to woo in Android lovers to use their devices, they cannot completely use their own BB 10 and similarly cannot launch devices with BB 10 alone which will kill the purpose of Android-based devices. Only time will tell what BlackBerry is planning to do, but looking at the device in terms of style, it is one of the neatest sliders I have come across and as a BlackBerry keyboard fan along with Android lover, it seems to be a perfect device for user like me.

Source: Crackberry

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