How to use Moto Actions & Display Gestures on the Moto G5 Plus

    The Moto G5 Plus smartphone comes with a 5.2-inch 1080p display and it is powered by the Snapdragon 625 processor. The phone has, as usual, the smooth stock Android and the taste of Moto apps and features added in for the better user experience. Most of the gestures and features in the Moto G5 Plus are there in the previous Moto phones as well.

    The Moto app is where you need to check for the several options that are available. They’d be divided into Actions and Display. Under Actions, you can use gestures as phone shortcuts, and under Display, you can have the battery-saving notifications on the display when the display is turned off. Let’s get into further detail to see what they bring along.

    Moto Actions in Moto G5 Plus

    Moto App features Moto G5 Plus Moto Actions

    One button nav feature

    Moto App features Moto G5 Plus One Button nav

    This is a beautiful feature that gives the user an access to the entire display area instead of wasting some space for the navigation keys. Lenovo already has reduced the screen size of the phones from the 5.5-inch one in Moto G4 Plus to 5.2-inch here, so this feature is helpful in making the fingerprint sensor as the home button, and even further, for going back or checking the recent apps, you will have to swipe in the sensor area.

    Chop twice for Flashlight

    Moto App features Moto G5 Plus Chop twice

    Just like how fruits are chopped, you need to do two chop motions so as to turn the flashlight on/off. Just a simple double chop is enough to do that and it doesn’t matter if the screen is turned on or off, the flashlight will still work.

    Twist for Quick capture

    Moto App features Moto G5 Plus Twist

    Twisting your wrist twice would open the camera anytime, and just like how it is with the flashlight, it will work even when the screen is off. If you are confused what twisting here means, it is just like how you turn a door knob but doing that twice will activate the camera.

    Swipe to shrink screen

    Moto App features Moto G5 Plus Shrink Screen

    This is the one-handed mode feature and it might not be always useful because the corners are easily accessible with the same hand, but if you still prefer to have a smaller area to access for some time, you will just have to swipe from the bottom of the screen and continue it towards left or right based on where you want the shrunk screen to be. Once you are done with the usage of the smaller screen, tap on the empty area and the size of the content becomes normal.

    Pick up to stop ringing

    Moto App features Moto G5 Plus Stop Ringing

    When the phone is ringing while it rests somewhere, picking it up would usually not change anything. But with this gesture, the ringing would stop and the phone will continue vibrating when the phone is lifted from its place.

    Flip for Do Not Disturb

    Moto App features Moto G5 Plus Do Not Disturb

    This is a tricky gesture and can go wrong sometimes if you forget whether it is active. Flipping the phone down will activate Do Not Disturb and the phone will ignore all the notifications. But, at at least in its settings, you can select whether to block everything but keep the alarms active, allow Priority notifications, or have a Total silence and block every notification.

    Some gestures when functioning would stop one of the other gestures because of the way they work. One of the examples here is that the “Pick up to stop ringing” gesture will not work if the phone is face down because “Flip for Do Not Disturb” is active.

    Display Notifications on Moto G5 Plus

    Moto App features Moto G5 Plus Moto Display Settings

    Usually, we keep activating the phone screen to check not just the notifications but also the Time and Date. This display is the black and white dim notification information, and with the notifications, it shows the Time, Data, and the remaining battery percentage. It keeps appearing and going and it is a battery-friendly feature where you don’t have to activate the display, which is a battery-consuming task because there are a lot of times that you look at the screen for the notifications.

    Moto App features Moto G5 Plus Moto Display

    Under its settings, you can choose to Block apps to not see any notification from those particular apps, and also set the level of content that should be displayed in the notification.

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