How to Setup and use Gesture Features on OPPO F1 Plus

    The OPPO F1 Plus is a smartphone with a lot of high-end specifications and a beautiful design, but things here are not limited to just the hardware. The software in the phone is Android Lollipop based ColorOS that is quite different from what Android looks like.

    Now, when you know that this is a custom ROM included in the phone, there are things you expect. One of them is a few gesture and motion features that make the user experience better, right? The OPPO F1 Plus surely has some good gesture features included. Let’s see which are those, and how to use them.

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    OPPO F1 Plus Gestures

    To access the gesture feature settings, go to Settings > Gesture & motion, and here you will find all the gesture features, both off-screen and on-screen ones.

    Off-screen gestures on OPPO F1 Plus

    These are some gestures that you can try when the screen is turned off. Here are a few of them.

    OPPO F1 Plus screen-off Gestures

    • Double tap to wake up – One of the favorite functions that don’t require you to press any physical button but double tap the screen to turn the screen on
    • Draw O to start camera – Draw an O to start the camera when the screen is off
    • Draw V to turn on the flashlight – Draw a V to start turn on the flashlight when the screen is off
    • Music control – These are some shapes to draw to control music when the screen is off

    Adding other off-screen gestures

    Users can add some gestures based on the given options. Here are the gesture options using which you can have either of the three options to choose from – Unlock, call, and Start an app.

    OPPO F1 Plus add screen-off Gestures

    Draw ^, Slide up, Slide down, Slide left, Slide right, Draw M, or Draw W are the options. When you have all these, you can try to set them for opening particular apps easily.

    While the options like starting flashlight and turning screen ON can be done without needing to enter the password if you have set it up, when you want to open an app with a gesture function, you will have to either use fingerprint or password to open the app.

    On-screen gestures on OPPO F1 Plus

    There are not many of them available here, but the two options available are useful ones.

    OPPO F1 Plus Gestures quick gestures

    • Gesture screenshot – Capture screenshot on the F1 Plus using three fingers by swiping them up or down.
    • Single-handed operation – Swipe from bottom left or right corner towards the center to make the screen smaller and easier to handle with one hand. You cannot change the size of the smaller screen, and you cannot directly switch it from left to right or vice-versa.

    Smart Call Gestures in OPPO F1 Plus

    OPPO F1 Plus Gestures Smart call

    • Easy dial – Phone will automatically dial when it is near the ear if you have the call history or message thread open and have the number in your contact list.
    • Auto-answer by motions – When you have an incoming call, the phone auto-answers (receives the call) when you hold the phone near your ear.
    • Switch the speaker by motions – Automatically switch from speaker to receiver when you hold the phone near your ear.
    • Flip to mute – Flip the phone to quickly mute incoming calls.

    Quite a lot offered by OPPO in its ColorOS interface in most of the OPPO phones, not just the F1 Plus. Though, for a new user of OPPO, it is not much similar to use when compared to the standard Android OS or any custom interface from Samsung, Sony, HTC, or others.

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