iOS 10.3 update is far bigger than one would expect for a sub-major update for the iOS devices, especially for the Apple iPhone. Apple has made several changes and added newer features, some including the security ones as well as the addition of features that support the latest tech and Apple isn’t waiting to push these to the next big iOS update but is sending them already to iOS 10.3.

While the change log is as always a big one, we take a look at the best changes that you are going to see in the iOS 10.3 update.

Fixing security hole to keep hackers away

There was a bug in Safari browser that allowed ransomware scammers into a cycle that doesn’t end and take them to a website where they are asked to pay a fine for doing something illegal. It was an easy way for those scammers or hackers, but with the iOS 10.3 update, the javascript popups will not be opening at all.

Find My AirPods

This might be one of the important changes and inclusions for the users of Apple Airpods. Those little earphones are sure easy to go lost and that is when this feature that is located under “Find My iPhone” app will come handy. It wouldn’t be able to show the current location of the AirPods, thanks to the limitations of connectivity as there is no GPS radio or even data connectivity, but the section will have a log of the times when the AirPods were connected to the iPhone, and that way, you can at least see where you might have seen them last.

Weather forecast in Maps

Apple Maps now has a new feature included with the iOS 10.3 update. In the Maps app, the users can 3D Touch (hard press) on the weather icon and that will show them the weather forecast for the locality. This is for anywhere on the Maps and not just your location.

New File System – Apple File System (APFS)

Apple had, to date, used the standard HFS+ as the file system for the storage of files. Now, it has changed that to Apple File System (APFS). APFS is better optimized for NAND flash storage and this helps in faster access to the files and there is a better encryption supported here.

Just in case, take a backup of iOS data before you update to iOS 10.3 because even if Apple is doing to do this smoothly and change the entire file system while updating the iOS version, you should not risk your phone data.

Addition to the features of Siri

Siri is getting smarter by the day and the iOS 10.3 update brings about some additions to the Siri features. Here are some of them.

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  • Access payment apps in order to pay and check the status of bills
  • Ability to interact with automaker’s apps and check your car’s fuel level and lock status
  • Ability to operate the lights and activate the horn of the vehicle
  • Provide cricket scores and statistics for the IPL 2017 and ICC
  • Support scheduling with ride booking apps

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Apple ID Profile

The settings app will now have a new Apple ID section. It is shown right at the top there and gives an access to the vital account and ID information, including full contact profile, security settings, payment information, iCloud account details, App Store settings, Family Sharing settings and more.

To add to the security, the page will show the list of all Apple devices where you are signed in with this Apple ID.

Voice Call Continuity for Verizon

Verizon users can enjoy some of the features that are introduced when it comes to calling. If you are a Verizon Wireless subscriber, the continuity feature is applicable for calling, as you can now make or receive calls on your Mac, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple Watch. It is the iCloud calling feature that you are seeing here.

CarPlay feature additions

CarPlay will display shortcuts in the status bar for your last used apps. CarPlay’s Apple Music Now Playing display will give you access to Up Nex as well as the currently playing song’s album. And, CarPlay will feature daily curated playlists and new music categories in Apple Music.

iCloud Storage information

Apple iCloud will now show the vital information in a section that shows a breakdown of how the iCloud storage is being used in your account. That will be available under iCloud settings.

A lot more has changed, especially with Apple introducing loads of security features to make iOS even more hack-proof. Planning to update your iOS device to iOS 10.3? A worthy upgrade, it seems.


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