iOS 10 Magnifier

How to Setup and Activate Magnifier on your iPhone running iOS 10

As earlier said about the iOS 10 and its new features, Magnifier is another such little-known feature in the iOS 10. What it does is

iOS 10 Flashlight Intensity Control Center

How to Change Intensity of Flashlight on iOS 10 in iPhone

We know that iOS 10 has a bunch of special features and many more features for the 3D touch supporting iPhone 6S or newer. So,

iOS 10 3D touch sensitivity

How to Share App using 3D touch shortcut in iOS 10

Before its announcement, iOS 10 didn’t seem like a heavy update from the previous version. But now, you know there is a lot involved and

iOS 10.3 Update – The best 9 new features rolled out by Apple

iOS 10.3 update is far bigger than one would expect for a sub-major update for the iOS devices, especially for the Apple iPhone. Apple has

Apple releases iOS 10.3 update with “Find my Airpods”, Apple ID profile section

Apple has officially released the iOS 10.3 update to the compatible devices and it has quite a good number of new features included and some

iOS 10.3 to release soon, backup all your data before updating – Here’s why

Apple’s new iOS 10.3 update is going to arrive before the end of the month and while it is not a major update, there is

iOS 10 Announce Calls

How to make Siri to Announce Caller Name in iOS 10

Siri on iOS devices has been getting better with time as Apple has been working to include far more features than what it already has.

iOS 10 interface

iOS 10.0.3 for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus fixes Connectivity Issues with Verizon

Apple has been actively working to fix every small or big issue that the users are facing on the new iOS version, i.e. the iOS


Top iOS 10 tips and tricks to speed up your iPhone

The iOS 10 brought a host of improvements and new features to iPhones and iPads. At the same time, several users started to complain that

iOS 10 Night Shift Shortcut

How to activate Night Shift Bluelight filter in iOS 10

Most of us have a habit of using our smartphones at night. It has become a habit because most of us find less time during

Force Touch Camera App

How to use 3D Touch for shortcuts of Settings & Camera in iOS 10

iOS 10 update for Apple iPhone and other compatible iOS devices is already released and is available as an OTA update to the users. If

iOS 10 Delete System Apps

How to Delete System Apps on iOS 10 on iPhone and iPad

Getting rid of unwanted bloatware or apps on smartphones has been one thing every smartphone user wants to do. Usually, it happens mostly on Android