As earlier said about the iOS 10 and its new features, Magnifier is another such little-known feature in the iOS 10. What it does is turn your iPhone’s camera into magnifying glass kind of thing with a custom UI to make it easier for reading. This function is hidden in the Accessibility settings of your iPhone.

Here’s how to use it

Firstly, open up the Settings> General> Accessibility> Magnifier> Tap the Magnifier toggle to turn it on. You can also turn on the auto-brightness to automatically adjust the contrast based on theĀ ambient light while using the Magnifier.

iOS 10 Magnifier Settings

After enabling it, you can now turn on the magnifier by quickly clicking the home button thrice. You can enable it from anywhere on your iPhone including the lock screen.

The UI of the magnifier is a customized camera UI in which you can take a snap with the circular button in the middle. To zoom-in, you can use the onscreen slider or do it manually with your fingers. You can also turn on the flash if there is not enough light to capture the image perfectly. To lock focus, you can tap on the display or click the lock button in the bottom left corner.

iOS 10 Accessibility Settings

After you take the snap, you can also change the colors of the photo like filters and make it adjustable to your eyes while studying the snap you have taken. To do that, just click the filter icon on the bottom right corner. When clicked you will be able to adjust brightness, contrast with onscreen sliders and you can also invert colors and set the few presets like Yellow/Blue, Grayscale, White/Blue, etc.

This feature is specially integrated for people with vision impairments, allowing them to read the small texts you get behind any product’s box or packet or anything with small text. In the iOS 10, you also have a bunch of other features under the accessibility settings.



Sai Abhijat is a biking enthusiast, still a student who is a tech geek and a passionate writer.