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eSIM on iPhone

Airtel among the first to offer eSIM compatibility with smartphones, cars

Smartphones have kept getting smarter and faster, while the technologies that have been upgraded have come to great use for smartphone users in the end. There have been changes to the data speeds, to the storage speeds, and even with the connectivity options offered in the smartphone, and the latest trend we’ve started to see is the eSIM option given in the smartphones.

Some of the smartphone brands have started adopting the new eSIM technology and these include the Google Pixel 3a, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR, and the list may continue to grow as we see more flagships rolling out in the market, but what’s important here is the support offered by the network providers to get their eSIMs to be compatible with these phones. Airtel has been one of the early players in the market to work on them, and the network provider has already announced the support of its eSIM for the available phones that have the eSIM option.

Let’s first talk about eSIM. This is an integrated SIM card that comes in the device and cannot be removed, and it is configured with the mobile network, rather than the regular SIM cards that are inserted in the SIM slots. One of the major advantages of the eSIM has been the possibility of making a smartphone compatible with two phone numbers, which wasn’t a case with the flagships from Apple and Google. Those were single SIM devices and that was one of the major complaints from the prospective buyers that they wanted to use two of their phone numbers on a single phone, and now that is possible with the introduction of eSIM.

Bharti Airtel had its fair share of “firsts” in several implementations, but with the compatibility of eSIM on flagship smartphones is a big one. While there are claims from other network operators on their progress of implementing this, Airtel is the first to already offer eSIM for not just smartphones, but also other smart devices that have the eSIM option.

eSIM is a growing tech and there are implementations not just in smartphones but also in Apple Watch, and now in Automobiles as well. Connected cars is one of the future technologies and Hyundai also launched their “Venue” car with the eSIM option, which will be well supported by Airtel. The network reception, quality, and the speeds are very important in connected devices as that defines how seamless and always-connected your devices are, with the internet, for the real-time information updates. That’s where the need for the best network comes, and Airtel offering the support for eSIM comes out as a good news for its subscribers.

At one time, network was about making calls and staying connected with your closed ones through SMS and calling, but now, the possibilities have reached the next level, with data connectivity, additional network-aided services, and much more. These can only be possible if the network provider is well able to offer stability.

Photo credits: By Daniel Korpai on Unsplash

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