Online gaming latency in games like PUBG Mobile and Airtel’s offering

    Online gaming has been on the rise in the Indian gaming scenario in recent times, thanks to the shooter games that include PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Garena Free Fire, and many such other games that have been live streamed by many, and similarly played by many across the nation and that’s a fire spreading around. While the performance and chipset strength is one of the important factors for the games to run well, the online-live games are more dependent on network availability.

    We might always want to have the best Wi-Fi networks around but that is not possible entirely all the time, and that’s where you would want to rely on the mobile networks to offer a good network speed, and a seamless connectivity to stay connected to the game.

    Ping is one of the important factors for any online game. Especially for PUBG Mobile, the ping if higher makes your game delayed and you don’t realize when you already got shot or were killed, and you were still busy in scoping in to get the shot on the enemy. The ping has to be the least for the best and fastest gaming experience and it doesn’t really matter if you have a 1Mbps connection or a 50Mbps one. The speeds are somewhat necessary but for the online games, ping is much more important. Airtel 4G is one network which has super-fast internet speed and keeps the latency at minimum for lesser lags.

    Airtel speed check gaming

    Sometimes, you realize that the game had a lag and you were shot at, but the majority of the blame goes to the phone you are playing the game on, attributing to the poor chipset. It really isn’t that always when you have a good phone in your hand, and it is the network latency (ping) that was high and led the game to lag. We have been playing the online games for months now, and that has been across different smartphones and different networks on them, and the conclusion has been about one network easily beating the others with the latency.

    Take it back a couple of years, and you would see the gaming experience to be entirely different as the 4G network would roll back to 3G whenever you receive a call, and that experience wasn’t good for anyone. Fortunately, there were not many games that required fast Internet connectivity back then. Now, with the rise in the number of online games and the players, the onus is on the network providers to offer the best network experience.

    Ever since Airtel introduced 4G LTE network and started offering it to the consumers, the experience of online gaming has changed altogether. The areas where we noticed the network to be getting around 2-3 Mbps speed, the ping was still at about 20-40 ms and the best you would usually find is 20 ms anyway. The better network areas where the data speeds touched 40 Mbps also had given us similar latency and that cleares the point that network speeds aren’t everything for online gaming on smartphones.

    The recent introduction of 900 Mhz LTE band has boosted the networks further wherever it is introduced, and this new band has made the indoor penetration better. This, not just has made the call connectivity better in homes and offices, the 900 Mhz band has also made the data network connectivity and speeds better. It has been a race for network operators to go past one another in offering the best of the connectivity to the users, but while some have got the speeds as the only factor to fight for, Airtel 4G has succeeded in keeping the ping at minimum for the best gaming experience.

    Chetan Bhawani
    Chetan Bhawani
    Chetan founded Gizmo Times, after writing at a few other places, and though being a Dentist, he loves to stay connected to technology, and thus, Gizmo Times is here.

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