How to Add Signature to Emails in your Gmail account

    An email signature is something that contains basic information about yourself and your workplace. It can have important information like your name, website, the company that you serve, your phone number and maybe even a short introduction of yourself. This is all the information that you would like to pass on to everyone that you send an email to. This can serve as a good way to advertise yourself and give information on alternate modes of contact in case the recipient wishes to get back to you.

    We recently had one of our active readers mail us asking for help. He wanted to append his contact information into all the mail that he sends so that he can be reached by the receivers of the mail. He wanted to add his information along with a basic info of the company that he works for thereby briefly advertising their product with every mail sent. We suggested him the signature feature as he was using Gmail as his mail client.

    If you wish to add your signature to all the emails that you send via Gmail service, then it’s very easy. Just follow the steps below to understand how to add your signature to the Gmail service.

    How to insert Signature in the Gmail website:

    To start off, open the Gmail website and click on the Settings gear in your Gmail toolbar and select the Settings option from the menu that just appeared. Click on the General option and select the desired account under the Signature option. Here you will also have an option to disable the signature altogether if you have the signature option enabled then type in the desired signature in the text field that you wish to have at the end of each mail.

    Gmail Settings

    You can skip the insertion of a signature delimiter as Gmail does it by default and to add formatting or an image into the signature field, use the formatting bar. If you don’t find the formatting bar then start a new message using rich text formatting. Once you’ve put in your signature in the text field, Click on the Save Changes button to save the changes.

    Gmail Signature on Web

    Gmail should now insert this text as a signature after your message content in your emails or before the original message in replies.

    Move your Gmail Signature above Quoted Text:

    To have Gmail insert the signature after the entire message but above the original message in replies click on the Settings icon in Gmail and select the Settings option in the menu that just appeared. Click on the General category to open it and make sure Insert this signature before quoted text in replies is checked and remove the “–” before the desired signature. Click on the Save Changes button to save and apply the changes.

    Gmail has multiple ways of setting up signatures, you can use one signature while sending the emails through the computer and another one while sending them using the Gmail mobile app. Configuring a signature for Gmail Mobile app is slightly different from the mobile and the signature is not applied while mailing through the desktop website.

    Using the Signature on Gmail App:

    Setting up a signature in the Gmail app does not apply the setting to the emails sent using the Gmail website if you’re looking for a signature to be added while sending a mail through the Gmail website then look for the same in the article above.

    [Refer to the featured image]

    To add a signature to the Gmail app open the Gmail app and tap on the menu icon to the top left corner and scroll to the bottom to find the Settings. Tap on it and choose the email account that you want to modify and tap on the Signature Settings if you’re using iOS or Signature if you are using Android. On the iOS device look for the toggle switch near the Signature field and toggle it to the on position and Android users can directly enter their signature in the text area. On an iOS device, tap the back arrow to save the changes and return to the previous screen, On an Android just choose Ok.

    Signature for the Gmail Mobile website

    If you’ve already configured a signature on the desktop website then by default Gmail will take the same signature even when you use the mobile website version of Gmail. However, if this is the first time that you are using this feature or if you’ve only enabled it on the Gmail app before, then you’ll have to enable the feature by opening the Gmail mobile website.

    Gmail Mobile Website Signature

    To enable signature on the Gmail mobile app, open the app and tap on the menu icon to the top left of the screen and choose the settings icon to the top right corner, next to your email address. Toggle the Mobile Signature checkbox and select it, you can now enter your Mobile Signature below. Tap on the Apply button to save the changes and then tap on the Menu button to go back to the email folders.

    Do note that the mobile signature might not be visible while composing a mail in the mobile website of Gmail or in the App, this could cause some confusion, but as long as the setting is enabled the mobile signature will automatically be appended to the mail when it is being sent.

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