If you haven’t heard about the Pokemon Go game in the past few days, consider yourself very lucky, or very unlucky. You should be on the extreme of it, because if you like the game once you start playing it, you are already quite late because there might be someone on a hunt for Pokemons around your place. If you don’t like it, you are saving yourself a lot of time.

I admit it. I was first very interested to see what the game is about. Installed it using the APK file and I got my first Pokemon right at my home, where I was standing. And then, I am asked to move around, walk for even miles if I can, to search and catch more of them. Thanks but no thanks, I am not interested.

Pokemon Go Away

Once that interest was lost, every social media update about Pokemon Go irritates me. I wish I could have filtered them out and not see any such update, at least for a few days.

Thanks to some of the developers out there, my wish is fulfilled. Though limited to Google Chrome, a plugin helps remove any references to Pokemon Go on social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and 9gag. It scans popular websites for Pokémon Go!- references and hides them upon loading the webpage.

Why does it do that? The reasons are hilarious enough!

  • To protect the world from devastation!
  • To unite all normal people within our nation!
  • To denounce the evils of hypes and spam!
  • To block its reach to the stars above!

Pokemon Go Away Enable

I am okay with blogs writing about it, websites posting about it because it might be just some guides, or news around it. But on social network, people are sharing about every Pokemon they catch. About every mile they walked to catch one. This is what I wanted to avoid, and this Chrome extension seems to be doing so very easily.

Update: The app has been removed from the Chrome store.


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