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HTC One M9

How to Improve the BoomSound Experience on HTC One M9

The best feature, and in fact, one of the most important selling points of the HTC One M7, HTC One M8 and now the HTC One M9, are the dual front facing speakers that give out the best in class speaker audio output, yet to be matched by any other Smartphone manufacturer.

And HTC, over these years, has tried to polish and improve the BoomSound experience on their flagship devices. First, with partnership with Beats Audio and now by introducing Dolby Audio surround sound enhancements. And now, HTC has added some sound modes to the HTC One M9, which can be set and modified by the users, to get the best audio experience based on the situation.

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HTC One M9

And today, we are here with some tips and tweaks on how to improve the performance of the BoomSound speaker experience on the HTC One M9.

1. Switch Between Theatre and Music Modes:

Even though the BoomSound audio enhancement is enabled always by default, the HTC One M9 features two different modes, the Theatre mode and the Music mode respectively.

The former, is specially set to bring out the best experience while watching videos or movies. However the latter brings in more bass and life to the low end tunes, favored especially while hearing music.

To shift between the two modes on your HTC One M9, go to Settings and under the Phone category, find the BoomSound option and set the modes.

HTC has not only added the BoomSound sound enhancements for the front facing dual speakers but also for the headphone listening experience as well. Below are some of the preset HTC BoomSound modes for headphones, and their uses:

  1. HTC Earbuds: This setting is specially set to use with the basic HTC earphones, that usually comes with older and cheaper HTC models.
  2. HTC in-ear: This setting is used with the more expensive HTC in-ear styled earphones that nowadays comes bundled with the flagship HTC Smartphones.
  3. HTC Pro Studio: The HTC Pro Studio is HTC’s best in class earphones, which does not come with any Smartphone but can be purchased separately.
  4. Others: This setting is pretty much self explanatory. This setting refers to a general audio enhancement, that HTC optimizes for non-HTC earphones.

Out of all the above mentioned modes, the “Other” mode is largely recommended. Because, the first mode makes the music sound just too flat and the remaining modes over-improvises the low-end tones of the music, no matter used with HTC’s own audio hardwares or not.

And these are some simple tweaks and tips to get the best experience out of the best-in-class dual speakers of the HTC One M9. If you do have more tips, please share them in the comments below.

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