Jawbone, the Wearables and accessories manufacturer has introduced three UP activity trackers in India. The three devices include UP Move, UP2 and UP3 which can be purchased exclusively on Amazon.in. The company has introduced a new Yves Behar-designed band for its UP2 activity tracker. Along with the new band a firmware update was announced by the company which will now enable heart rate and sleep tracking features as well.

The UP fitness trackers are useful in tracking sleep, diet and movement of users with the help of advanced algorithms, partner integrations work together to make users learn about themselves and improve their lifestyle.

Jawbone Up trackers

Along with the above features, Jawbone has included Smart Coach which powers the App, it is an intelligent coaching system which turns data into personalized guidance the help users get insights and challenges to help in improving activity, diet and sleep.

With the help of Bluetooth Smart, the Jawbone UP activity trackers can connect to iOS and Android devices to give real-time progress reports. Based on the data collected by the activity tracker the app encourages and motivates users to make minor improvements to their activity for long term benefits.

The UP2 is a wristband activity tracker by Jawbone, which comes with features like tracking number of steps, sleep data and also offers ten days of battery life. The UP2 is powered by MotionX technology that helps in providing comprehensive summary of users daily progress. The UP2 comes with a vibrating motor, which helps in using Smart Alarm features to give personalized reminders through out the day. It comes with automatic sleep tracking feature which is detected and starts by lack of movement.

The UP3 comes with a sleek and decent design, and it measures resting and passive heart rate, automatic and detailed sleep stage tracking is also present which shows how many times you were awake in between. You can set custom experiences and functions with the help of multiple sensors and free over-the-air firmware updates in the Jawbone UP3. It comes with 7 days of battery life and uses bio-impedance sensors.

The UP Move is the cheapest of the three devices which comes with wrist strap and clip to make it a pod-style tracking device and a replaceable battery. It comes in five colors and five tracker, clip and wrist strap color combinations. The Jawbone Move offers an impressive six months of battery life and is powered by motionX technology to provide the user with a summary of steps, sleep and activity on a daily progress basis.

The Jawbone range of UP products will be available for purchase on Amazon.in from September 9th. The Jawbone Move is priced at Rs. 4,999, the Jawbone UP2 is priced at Rs. 9,999 and the Jawbone UP3 is priced at Rs. 14,999.


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