Withings has made two beautiful watches in the recent time, and these two aren’t just watches but much smarter than that. They track your fitness and connect to devices for the user to know about the stats. Earlier, the Withings Activité and the Activité Pop smart watches were not compatible with Android OS, but at MWC 2015, the company has announced that these two watches now are compatible with Android mobile platform.

Along with the Android compatibility, Withings also announced that these will be compatible with Google Fit, the health hub from Google which matches data from different trackers. These watches were being sold in Europe after the introduction at CES 2015, and now they are going to be available in the U.S., with the perfect pointer – compatibility with Android.

Withings Activite Smart Watch

“Following on from the overwhelming reception that both the Activité and Activité Pop have received on their elegance and design, we have listened to our dynamic Android community and it seemed natural for us to quickly provide Android compatibility for each product,“ said Cédric Hutchings, CEO of Withings.

The Withings Health Mate app that is available for both iOS and Android operating system, now offers the same features for both platforms. Tracking of steps will be possible on the app, as well as in the Google Fit application. As Google Fit seems an app that many would use to track different types of fitness parameters from the different products, Withings said that these would be the details sycned with the app:

  • Smart Body Analyzer: Weight
  • Withings Pulse 0x: Steps, Heart Rate
  • Withings Health Mate app: Steps

“The activity tracker category has a huge problem with abandonment, and so consumers don’t really get to see the benefit of long-term data and the impact it can have on their health,” said Cedric Hutchings. “The Activité and Activité Pop’s design, ease of use and now Android compatibility combine for the most accessible activity tracker that we’ve ever seen.”

The Activite is priced at €390.00 and the Activite Pop is priced at €150.00.


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