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Yu Yufit Band: Everything You Want to Know

If you thought that the Xiaomi Mi Band is the best fitness and sleep tracking wearable device you could get for below Rs. 1000, then the company “Yu Televentures” wants you to think again.

Yes, its the same company that brought us the very popular Yu Yureka and Yu Yuphoria Android Smartphones, and this time they are again up for a competition with their latest product, the Yu YuFit.

First things first, the Yu YuFit band costs as same as the Xiaomi Mi Band at Rs. 999 and will be exclusively sold via Amazon India’s website from the 29th of July via flash sales.


However, the YuFit not only tracks your sleep and activity like the Mi Band. The band is fitted with an OLED display that gives you information on the current time, date and also incoming calls as well. And yeah, it is waterproof as well.

If you are interested about the Yu YuFit fitness band, and wants to know more, then below are all that you should know about the Yu YuFit band before buying it.

Built Quality of Yu YuFit:

The overall design of the Yu YuFit is similar to that of the Xiaomi Mi Band. The tracking device fits inside the wrist band, and unlike the Mi Band, the tracking device has an OLED display too, which makes it even more convenient.

The plastic construction means that it takes very less wear and tear in the long run. And there is also a touch button within the tracking device which functions as an easy access to some of your Smartphone controls.

Details on the fitness related features of the YuFit band:

Using the YuFit band, you will be able to track the amount of sleep you get in a day, the steps you have walked throughout, an estimation of intake and burning of calories in your body.

Moreover, you can hire a Fitness expert such as nutritionists and get personalized suggestions as well. You will get to speak to the coach once a month through calling, or you can access them whenever you wish to, by leaving them a text message containing your query.

What Other Features Does the YuFit band have other than fitness tracking?

You will get the following additional set of features on your YuFit band other than just fitness tracking:

  • Time and Date details.
  • Notification if you get any calls on your Smartphone.
  • Smart Button feature where you can launch the camera on your Smartphone to take a photo or record a video without actually picking your Smartphone.
  • Using the Smart Button, you can also ring your Smartphone. So that in case you misplaced your Smartphone, you can easily find it back.

Battery Life of the YuFit Band:

The YuFit band will have really good battery life, where it may last up to several weeks on a single charge as it uses only a OLED display, which does not take much battery for functioning.

Will the YuFit be compatible with iOS? And what are the apps compatible with this device?

As of now, the Yu YuFit band is not compatible with iOS, as you won’t find any applications compatible with the YuFit band on iOS.

As of Android, there are two applications which can take use of the YuFit band. The YuFit app and the HealthifyMe App.

The health related features and data can be monitored from the HealthifyMe app and other software features can be accessed using the YuFit App on Android.

Even though the YuFit App on Android is free to use, you will only get a 7 day free trial for the HealthifyMe app. Therefore, you will need to subscribe to the HealthifyMe app to continue using the health monitoring features of the YuFit band after the trial expires.
How to buy the YuFit band?

As of any other Yu products out there, you can only buy the YuFit by pre-registering on, and then checking out on the sale day.

The YuFit band will cost you RS. 999 as said earlier, and the first sale of the fitness tracker will go live on July 29.

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