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Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil is the $99 stylus for the Apple iPad Pro

While Apple announced the iPad Pro at the event today, it was followed by the announcements of some cool accessories, one that would match the Microsoft Surface’s smart keyboard, but the rather interesting one was the Apple Pencil, a stylus for the large iPad Pro.

The Apple Pencil, though named weirdly, looks stunningly good. Something that Apple would have not opted for, but since iPhone 6 Plus was announced last year, it seems Apple isn’t shy in following stuff from other brands. The stylus comes as an extra accessory, and unlike how Samsung gives it embedded for free, this costs $99 and user has to purchase it separately.

Apple Pencil
Source: Mashable

Apple calls it the pressure sensitive technology, and while you are using the Apple Pencil, you will be able to use iPad Pro simultaneously with the finger as well. While drawing on the screen, pressing lightly can put a brief stroke, while harder presses can give darker and wider strokes.

iPad Pro Apple PencilUnlike Samsung’s stylus, the Pencil is actually like a pencil, round and big enough to work like a proper one. Lightning connector is what helps recharge this pencil, and you won’t need to connect it to the charger, but connect it to the iPad Pro and it will get charged.

The apps that already support the Apple Pencil, include the built-in Mail app, and the Notes app as well. Notes, email messages can be written using the Apple Pencil, and scribbling is allowed, and interestingly, Apple has done quite a lot along with Microsoft for the new version of Office for iOS, so that the apps support the Apple Pencil. PowerPoint also supports Apple Pencil, allowing you to convert ink into objects in slidedecks.

So, you have to shell out $99 for this accessory.

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