The Motorola Moto E3 Power is released in the Indian market with an attractive price and it has a good 3500 mAh battery power that helps the phone last for a good time before the battery drains out.

While you might be buying the Moto E3 Power as your next smartphone, you also need to buy some good accessories that ensure that you get the best out of your device. Some protection is nowadays quite necessary for smartphones and that is no exception for the Moto E3 Power. Following are some of the accessories that you can purchase for your new phone, and these are in some of the important categories.

If you are yet to buy the phone, Motorola is offering a free 32GB MicroSD card with the device.

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Tempered Glass for Moto E3 Power

tempered-glass-for-moto-e3-powerA tempered glass screen protector has become a necessity for every device because even though there is a screen protection glass placed on the display, a drop usually breaks the screen.

A tempered glass protects the screen and prevents the display from get cracked. There are several good Tempered glass screen protector makers in the market and for the Moto E3 Power, you can choose one of these listed below, and we’ve chosen them based on how they did for the other devices.

All the three are worth the price and they are on an offer price right now, and we would suggest the Chevron tempered glass for the name it already has gained.

Hard cases and covers for the Moto E3 Power

Hard covers and cases are extremely useful if you are a rough user and are looking for a protection that keeps the corners of the phone safe when it falls on a hard surface. Not just that, sometimes the cases make it easy to make the phone stand due to the kickstand that they come with. Let’s take a look at a few good ones.

belmark-shock-proof-case-for-motorola-moto-e3-powerBELMARK Shock Proof Case for Motorola Moto E3 Power

This is a strong rubber case for the Moto E3 Power and it is similar to the other cases that help keep the phone shockproof, though the price is quite good at Rs. 399. Available in Black color, the case has perfect cutouts for the microphones, cameras, and other ports.

Also, the case has a kickstand that comes out on the back to have the phone rested on landscape mode if you wanted to watch a movie.

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Tapfond Motorola Moto E3 Power Back CoverTapfond Motorola Moto E3 Power Back Cover

A very affordable one, priced at Rs. 135 currently and it is coated with 3 Layer of Velvet Smooth Paint, and one important thing here is that it protects the camera bulge on the phone by levelling it. The upper lip build design to help protect your Moto E3 screen when face down on a flat surface.

You can purchase the case from Amazon India. It is a Pitch Black color one and there are no color options, though it matches the dark color of the Moto E3 Power.

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shobicomz-back-cover-for-motorola-moto-e3-powerShobicomz Back Cover for Motorola Moto E3 Power (TJ Transparent)

One of the common cases that is much preferred for those who wants to protect the exterior of the phone but not compromise with the looks of it. It is a transparent case from Shobicomz and available for the Moto E3 Power, the case is made of Silicon material.

It is a flexible case and it fits well around the device. The price for it is Rs. 190, unlike the MRP of Rs. 899. If you are looking for a hard case, check the one given below.

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Tarkan Moto E3 Power CaseTarkan Moto E3 Power Bumper Case

A good, tough and strong bumper case that not just protects your phone but does more, but the only problem here is with the size. If you are comfortable with the extra large case, you can get one. Available in White, Red, Black, and Blue color options, the case has detachable dual layer. Layer 1: Ballistic shock absorbent polymer. Layer 2: Tough impact resistant Polycarbonate shell.

The case also has a kickstand. It is available at Rs. 279, though the MRP is Rs. 999, and you can get it on Amazon India.

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piggycomz-back-cover-for-motorola-moto-e3-powerPiggycomz Back Cover for Motorola Moto E3 Power

This is rather a harder case with the same transparency maintained, so if you want one that is hard, take a look at this one. It is made of Plastic, unlike the Silicone that would have made the case flexible.

There are perfect cutouts for the different ports, mics, and the camera area. The case is priced at Rs. 187.

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Best Power Banks for the Moto E3 Power

Power banks or the portable chargers are a common accessory nowadays because how much ever good the phone is with the battery, there are chances of it draining quickly based on what you do. And finding a charging point everywhere is not possible, thus having a power bank makes it easy for the users to quickly charge the phone.

Check out the list of best power banks in India.

Note: The Motorola Moto E3 Power doesn’t support fast charging, so don’t buy any fast chargers or cables just for the sake of it and you have to buy any normal one if you want an alternative.