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ETMoney App: The best app for saving, managing, and growing your money

Money saved is money earned, is what they say. Savings are always a good option, but in a world where time is money and money is time, rolling your currency towards investments can prove a very effective option with great benefits. But how can someone decide on the amount to invest while keeping a good balance between earnings, spendings, and savings? Searching for a solution, we landed our rockets at a very simple station – ETMONEY. A one-stop solution for managing all your finances with great investment options, in your palm or simply on your phone!


The main focus of ETMONEY remains simplicity. Available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, the registration process is as simple as it can get. You can manually enter your email, set a password, and that’s it. Your account is done. But wait, you can simply choose the sign-in with Google option as well, which provides a one-tap solution for creating your account. The sign-up process is extremely simple within the app!

When you open the ETMONEY App, it shows you the three simple options to start your investment with. Finding the right mutual funds, fixed deposits, and NPS, everything simplified. All the options you need are less than a tap away. And every time you open something, ETMONEY gives you a summary of what you are about to start with making your vision wider, As an investment service, the app widens as many options as one can in a very simplified manner.

Scroll a little down, and you can claim your Free Credit Score in the App. Yes, for free! You can also apply for credit cards, and personal loans from this tab and the entire process of everything in the ETMONEY App is, paperless. You just need to submit your identity proof along with a few bank details, and that’s the only thing the app will ask you. No hassle of physically visiting any branch for approvals, attestation, or waiting at the manager’s cabin for a meeting. You want it, you click it, you get it. And when you want to get started with your investments, the e-KYC process is completely paperless and can be done in the app itself.

Investment Options

ETMONEY as a service offers you complete finance management with an ample amount of investment options. But the bigger question comes now, how do I start investing? It’s very simple! You get to decide from the tried and tested Fixed Deposits, or take a step ahead with Mutual Funds, or start with NPS. This will not just let you invest, but also help you in saving your taxes with long-term mutual funds.

Mutual Funds, but smarter

There are over 2000 mutual funds and it is easy to get confused. ETMONEY has taken extra care to make sure it can help you tide over this confusion.

One option they give is called Smart Solutions. It is a basket of 4 funds that they have put together. There are different smart solutions for different things you might be investing in. So you get options like High Growth Portfolios or even the 70-30 Portfolio. These smart solutions are engineered in a way that your hard work of research and analysis is already done by ETMONEY, you can simply proceed with your investment within a few clicks!

Another way is that instead of you figuring out the right fund for yourself, ETMONEY shortlists a handful of them by asking you two simple questions. When you click on the Smart Assist option in Mutual Funds, the app asks you to choose from your priorities like Saving Tax, Starting a SIP, One Time Investment, or Long Time.

Once you select one of the options, the app gives you the option to choose from a period of short term (0-2 years), mid-term (2-5) years, or even long-term (5+) years. The next question it asks is the risk you are willing to take. You have the option to choose from – safe, conservative, balanced, and aggressive. Then based on your selection, ETMONEY will recommend you the Mutual funds that match your priorities.

Another impressive service from ETMONEY is its free portfolio tracking. If you are an existing investor, you can directly import your portfolio and track it on ETMONEY at zero cost. You can also switch your existing funds to zero commission direct funds easily.

Fixed Deposits

For Fixed Deposits, ETMONEY has partnered with Bajaj Finance, a reputed name in the Indian Finance Industry. FDs with Bajaj Finance give provide interest rates up to 7.25% pa. For instance, an amount of rupees 1 lakh invested for 3 years will give you a payout interest of ₹22,504, the higher you invest, the more you gain the interest. And the best part about Fixed Deposits? Your interest amount is always assured and is not affected by the market rates. Once you lock in your money, it stays safe and you can just withdraw it with all the interest at maturity.

National Pension Scheme (NPS)

Starting with NPS is a very good long-term investment option, for a better post-retirement life. ETMONEY gives you the simple option of starting with NPS without any hassle. Once your KYC is complete, it’s just a matter of a few clicks in the app to debut your NPS. This is a very efficient way of starting your SIP in the form of NPS. You can select the amount to invest in a monthly format and even automate those payments with the help of EasyPay, an ETMONEY App exclusive! NPS does not just make up for your pension, but it can also save you a lot in taxes! Money saved, so money earned. Save-Invest-Return-Repeat!

Fun FactMaturity interests of NPS are completely Tax-Free. So the interest you earn on them, one simply doesn’t need to pay taxes for it!

Gold Investments

You can directly invest in Gold Funds with top names like Kotak, Axis, SBI, Nippon, Aditya Birla, and many more to name from, again at zero commission. The app gives you the option to start a SIP in weekly, monthly or annual formats. You can have a direct look at the performance and consistency of all the Gold Funds, right beside the name of the fund with the returns rate as well. This will make your choice much easier in choosing a Gold Fund to start with. Also, the app gives a rating for every investment based on its performance. Sweet!

Insurance – Too many to choose from? Not anymore!

We all are aware of the number of options in insurance, whether it be Health, Vehicle, or Term. You look for one, and you see so many that it becomes very hard to decide which one to go for. ETMONEY is here, as based on your needs and research, it will shortlist the best 4 insurance policies for you, that fits your needs. Again, how will ETMONEY know which policy is the best for you? Simple! The app asks you three basic questions like your age, the period you want to cover, and your payment tenure. The service gives you a quote of the best policies for you, based on the info you provide. All in front of you, head-to-head comparison. The process of getting insurance policies is also completely paperless, and you can manage all of it in the app itself. It is as simple as it can get, everything at your ease.

Paperless Loans, Instantly!

ETMONEY also provides instant personal loans with a simple paperless process. With partners like IndiaBulls and RBL Bank, the loan process is completely hassle-free, as one doesn’t have to run to search for all the possible documents they have, to apply for a loan. You tell your needs, submit only the necessary files within the app, and the money gets deposited in your bank account instantly. Again, no need to physically visiting any branch and no agent will visit your home. Everything remains at your fingertips, in your pocket, on your phone.

Apply for Credit Card with Free Credit Score Check

Want to get your credit score checked? Do it for free in ETMONEY. Where others charge a good sum for just checking your score, you can get yours for free in the app. Based on your credit score, you can also directly apply for a credit card in the ETMONEY app, again a paperless process with no charges. So you can enjoy the benefits of credit card rewards and have the flexibility to pay in credits upfront.

Finally, expense tracking

This is something where the ETMONEY app does a great job. The app lets you sync your SMS, which shows all your transactions in the ETMONEY app in a neat and organized table. The app has a very simple material UI design, making it very easy to navigate between all menus. You can also set recurring payment entries, which can be your EMI, DTH bill, recharge, groceries, etc. so the app will automatically show up that expense without you actually having to enter it every time. This way you can have a very close look at your spending habits, and decide where to cut down your expenses, and focus more on investing and saving.

Our thoughts on ETMONEY

ETMONEY is a great free-to-use service where you find the best shortlisted Mutual Funds Options, and Gold Investments, and even FDs, completely based on your choice! This is a good way to start with your SIP! The sorting is actually very relevant when you consider the options that are present in the ocean of our financing sector. The ability to apply for loans and credit cards in a paperless manner without actually having to visit any branch and features like Free Credit Score is again a great option to have. When you consider all the features, along with the expense tracking, with everything presented neatly, we feel that ETMONEY App is a great option for both existing investors and new-time investors for better finance management.

From our side, we say that ETMONEY is a great one-stop platform to track your overall financial activities including earning, spending, saving, and investing!

Download ETMoney App from here.

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