Honor 8 vs. iPhone 7 gaming comparison – Who wins the battle?

Honor 8 vs iPhone 7 Plus gaming

It has been a long time since most of us stopped comparing an Apple iPhone and a good Android phone based on the specifications. They don’t do the justice as factors for comparison, as the end user experience is what decides what’s better for the user. And it has been a long-known fact that Android offers better specs at a much affordable price when compared to an iPhone. But does that work out with the gaming experience as well? We do the test of the iPhone 7 (Plus) and the Honor 8 from Huawei.

We tried playing some high end games on both the smartphones, and given the big difference in price, there was an obvious expectation that the better priced device would beat the other. But that wasn’t the case in the real world. In fact, the Honor 8 not just played games better but the display on it flaunted the graphics better comparatively.

There are certain experiences that we see while playing games, and those include – 1. the lags or frame drops, 2. heating of the phone, 3. the amount of battery used while playing the game, and 4. the sound output.

honor 8 gaming

The games that we have played while testing out the gaming experience on the iPhone 7 Plus and the Honor 8 are – Asphalt 8, Dead Trigger 2, and Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

iphone 7 plus gaming

The Honor 8 has ‚ÄéMali-T880 MP4 GPU to support the graphic output and the processor is the company’s homegrown Kirin chipset. Apple usually shies away from mentioning the details but the performance isn’t bad anytime. But in the end, when you take a look at the price segment where these two are selling, you obviously might expect the former to do okay and not beat the iPhone 7 Plus with the gaming performance, which it actually does. Let us explain how.

  • The output: The Honor 8 has a brilliant display, which is one of the primary needs when you are expecting a good gaming experience.
  • The performance: To be true, the performance matched in both the phones and there were rarely and frame drops or lags in the common games that were played on both the phones.
  • The battery life: Again here, we tried playing games from a hundred percent charge and it took about an hour for the battery to drain down to about 74% and it was around the same on both.

Honor 8 vs iPhone 7 Plus gaming comparison

The Honor 8 while playing Asphalt 8 showed the options of changing the graphic output level, and that is of great use when you are seeing the phone low on battery and want the game to consume lesser battery, even if that means compromising with the graphic level. Such an option is not available at all on the iOS counterpart.

The verdict: Excelling in the camera department and easily competing against the top flagships this year, the Honor 8 is a no-compromise device when it comes to the gaming experience as well. The iPhone 7 Plus gives a neck-to-neck but it all comes down to the pricing point and at how much one needs to actually spend to get all the good features in a single package.

Note: This is a sponsored story.