InFocus M680 vs Lenovo K4 Note Comparison

    InFocus is a relatively newer brand for many, when compared to the electronics giant Lenovo, but when it comes to smartphones, gone are the days when you put your entire focus on particular brands since most of the newer entrants also deliver great value-for-money products.

    When Lenovo launched its latest phablet, the K4 Note, it might throw some shadow on the current smartphones in the same category, but one phone that can be called the unsung hero is the InFocus M680, which was very good with not just the specs but also with the performance. Let’s compare both and see how the specs chart talks about them.

    InFocus M680 vs Lenovo K4 Note

    Design and Display

    Two important things to note here – The InFocus M680 comes with a metallic body that looks very neat and feels great in the hand – but on the other hand, Lenovo’s K4 Note has a fingerprint sensor on the back that helps in security, and that is something people love to use these days.

    The display is quite similar, with both the devices having a 5.5-inch Full HD display, and it is the same IPS LCD that both the phones come with. Interestingly, the software in both the phones has enough to let the user change the color temperature while using them.

    Internal Hardware

    Quite identical with this, the M680 and K4 Note are powered by Mediatek MT6753 octa-core processor clocking at 1.3 GHz, and having Mali T720 GPU support, but Lenovo takes the edge here for multitaskers, with 3GB of RAM when compared to 2GB RAM included in the K4 Note.

    Both have the same 16GB internal storage, and they feature a MicroSD card slot for storage expansion if the 11GB-odd storage isn’t enough to store files.

    Operating System

    Both the phones run Android Lollipop and they come with a customized UI made by the manufacturer, so the Lenovo K4 Note will run Vibe UI, while it is the InLife UI that you would see on the InFocus M680.


    Selfie lovers should not feel much confused here, as the InFocus M680 has a much better selfie camera allowing users to control focus on its 13-megapixel front-facing camera, compared to the 5-megapixel selfie shooter on the Lenovo K4 Note.

    On the back, both the devices have a 13-megapixel camera and while the K3 Note has a Dual LED flash, the M680 has a single LED flash. Both the cameras are able to capture 1080p videos.


    The battery capacity differs quite a lot though we haven’t tested the K3 Note fully to conclude about its battery performance. With the numbers, K4 Note is better with a 33000 mAh battery when compared to the 2600 mAh power on the InFocus M680.

    Conclusion – Which is a better phone?

    Not an easy choice, that, with both the devices excelling over each other in particular aspects. While the price is not hugely different, it differs by Rs. 1000, where the InFocus’s offering is more affordable.

    The Lenovo K4 Note is better with battery capacity, available RAM and a fingerprint security, the InFocus M680 on the other side excels with a better build, a nicer front-facing camera and a slightly lesser pricing.

    It rather is a choice of the end buyer depending on what they need more from their next phone – a fingerprint scanner and better battery, or a better-built phone capable of taking better selfies! Moreover, there is a selfie stick being given as a part of the package of InFocus M680, so that’s an added free accessory.

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