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Happy New Year 2016 from Gizmo Times

Happy New Year 2016 from the Gizmo Times Team!

It’s been roughly about 147 days since we are live, reporting stuff from around the world of tech, and days pass by at the pace one won’t be able to catch up with. Special days are meant to be celebrated, and to make them better, we have some announcements for our readers to be excited about.

Happy New Year!

Year by year, we see huge technological advancements happening. What was once just a spectacle, now became Virtual reality, and every industry in tech is growing at pace. Some things, though, are very personal and don’t change. For example, the choice of music. What can be changed here is the way you listen to music. That’s what we would want to put the focus on – a giveaway of music-related products!

Happy New Year 2016 from Gizmo Times

In a couple of weeks from now, we would be hosting a GIVEAWAY with speakers, headphones and audio accessories included, only for the audiophiles to try their luck and win one of them. This will be a bundle of products that we will be giving away to our readers.

What else is planned for 2016?

Expansion of our team – We are a bunch of geeky guys who are currently working round the clock, talking about tech. But we would love to have more people into our group. Passionate about technology? Want to share your thoughts and need a perfect platform? Join us!

More development on the app, iOS App coming soon – The Gizmo Times app on Android is doing quite good, but you’ll see it do much better with time. Also, iOS users who requested for the iPhone app, that is coming soon.

YouTube channel – Videos are going to be a better source for people to catch the latest tech in the near future. Well aware of that, we are going to take no more than a month to start working on videos – Gizmo Times channel would be live on YouTube!

Discussion hub – Probably a chatbox, or a forum, or something that keeps readers interacting with each other. This will be coming soon, but surely in the first half of this year.

Learn from you guys – Our readers are the ones we learn from. As you know, tech is as vast as it could be and you, our reader can suggest what we should put more focus on.

Once again, stay excited, stay healthy and stay connected. Wish you a happy new year 2016! Rock the year ahead 🙂

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