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LG WING 5G – An innovative phone with a unique design, and more than that!

LG has been very innovative in the smartphone market for a long time, as being one of the first Tier-1 brands to implement a wide-angle lens on a phone back then to releasing dual-screen devices now. The LG WING is the company’s first device under its Explorer Project where LG aims to deliver unique smartphones to end-users, with unorthodox sets of designs and functionalities for the curious audience. Here are a few tricky things that you could do either only with the LG WING or find it easier on the swivel rotating screen of the device.

LG Wing 5G – What is it exactly about?

The LG WING 5G features a dual-screen design. Yes. Two screens on a smartphone. Wait, haven’t we already seen this earlier with other devices like the Microsoft Surface Duo and even a device from ZTE back in 2017? Here’s where the LG WING gets its name from. The device features two screens, which can rotate 90-degrees in a swivel motion making them perpendicular to each other. In this way, the phone looks like it got wings and resembles an airplane if you think of it from the perspective of a young child.

The screens fit one above the other perfectly parallel making it look like just a normal smartphone until you twist open the screen to stretch the wings of the LG WING. Both the displays are made from LG’s own OLED panels and have Full HD+ resolutions. Now to drive two screens with such high resolutions, the WING has the Snapdragon 765G as its feathers which has all the processing capabilities to handle two screens.

LG Wing

The presence of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G chipset brings in another X-factor to the phone that is 5G connectivity. The LG WING is 5G enabled and supports all the latest 5G bands including Sub6 and mmWave making it compatible with the European standards as well as globally. The octa-core chipset itself is a part of Qualcomm’s Gaming Series of processors, hence the letter ‘G’ is suffixed in the chipset name. The 765G chipset is very well capable of managing the multi-display setup of the LG WING 5G.

The two screens can either be used as two separate displays with different applications running at the same time, or use the second screen for any purpose as far as you can imagine. LG has developed the software of the Wing to complement its usage of dual screens for multitasking.

Cameras – A gimbal in itself

LG Wing Cameras

The primary screen of the LG WING can be used as the viewfinder with all the controls present on the secondary screen. This will provide a lot of stability while capturing images and even videos, while also giving you those extra controls for adjusting focus, shutter speed, and more without interfering with the view of the object you are trying to capture on the primary screen. The bottom part gives you all the major controls like adjusting resolution, switching camera modes, or even getting a preview between a photoshoot.

Then there’s the selfie camera, which is very shy and likes to be hidden in the body of the phone when not in use. The 32MP shooter uses a pop-up mechanism that shows up when you trigger it in the camera app and comes with fall-detection protection to retract the camera back in its place when the phone detects free-fall or sudden motion. The camera app itself offers you to go completely manual with options available for shooting RAW images giving a plethora of room for creatives to tinker around with.

LG Wing Camera

LG Gamepad

The bottom part of the phone can get as useful as it can, with the Gamepad feature where you get a virtual joystick and other controls like jump, shoot, and more giving you the feel of playing on a console. This will take the gaming experience of users a step ahead as this can be a good hybrid option for console gamers looking to play on a smartphone.

Endless Multitasking

The LG WING has potentially endless ways of multitasking. One part of the screen can be used for GPS navigation whereas the other part can be used for playing music, media controls, watching videos, etc. However it’s always recommended from our side to focus on driving when you doing that, but the dual-screen will surely let the person sitting on the front seat have some fun with it.

Built to Last Long

The LG WING has learned certification of MIL-STD-810G making it a very durable phone given its unique design. The swivel motion is rated for over a million turns, as the hinge used here is water and dust repellent, eliminating two crucial factors that can hamper the swivel motion functionality of the LG WING. The device is also powered by a 4000 mAh battery which should provide endless hours of creative work and multitasking.

It’s Not just about the Hinge

The LG WING also gets an under-display fingerprint scanner, that can be used for unlocking the device and even for completing payments as well. It also supports external micro-SD cards to expand your storage. The device also features an official IP Rating of IP54 water and dust resistance. The LG WING is not just a prototype device but has every single latest piece of tech implemented in itself. Even after being the first product of its kind, the LG WING is still potentially better than most other first-try phones.

THE LG WING is priced at Rs. 69,990/- and is available for purchase on LG’s website and select LG Official Retail Stores.

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