The Vivo V7 was already available in the market for a decent price, but when Vivo India came up with the new color variant, it did make a mark with that Energetic Blue color option. The V7 is priced at Rs. 16990 and for that price, the phone offers quite a bit. Not to forget, the color itself is attractive enough.

Coming with the amazing selfie camera, the Vivo V7 Energetic Blue possesses some other features that you need to know about if you are planning to get a good mid-range phone. Let’s talk about the best features of the phone.

The 18:9 display and 5.7-inch size

Having a Full View display helps make the display bigger without really having to see a larger size of the phone because the display extends towards the corners and edges. But here, with the Vivo V7, it isn’t only the Full View display that is helping but also the smaller size, i.e. 5.7-inch contrary to most of the phones this year, give it a much better comfort to hold. The phone is slim, sleek, and the display takes up almost the entire space on the front to make it look gorgeous.

The selfie camera

The V7 is capable of capturing 24-megapixel selfies with its front camera that is not just helping in the high-resolution captures but ones that are bright and with perfect colors captured without over- or under-exposure in different conditions.

Vivo V7 Energetic Blue Front Top

To add to the good camera, Vivo has included the soft LED flashlight on the front to help take brighter selfies, that the company likes to call Moonlight glow selfies. It does help because what you get finally is not a blown out bright picture but a naturally bright capture. Face Beauty helps in the buffing, skin tone change, whitening, and you can choose to change them individually, and even if it is the single camera on the front, the software helps in capturing group selfies.

Vivo V7 Energetic Blue Selfie Camera

The portrait mode works quite well for selfies because it is the face that is recognized and the bordering happens naturally, to bring in a good portrait shot with the blurred background. Finally, the 24MP captures are not just bright, but also well done with colors.

Excellent Performance and Experience

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 processor powering the Vivo V7 is a great one to offer good performance for gaming as well as while using the phone heavily. The V7 has the custom interface that is made to be smooth and it does work perfectly, but at the same time, it is the chipset that helps make things better.

Vivo V7 Energetic Blue Front Bottom

Face Access for security

The company has not just given the good fingerprint sensor on the back, but the face recognition and unlock is one feature that one would love to use. It has been a feature on the rise this year and after some phones like the iPhone X, OnePlus 5T, and the OPPO F5, the face unlock coming with a great recognition on the mid-range phones like Vivo V7 is surely a good addition.

Vivo V7 Energetic Blue Face Access

To begin with the registration of it, the face access takes no more than a few seconds to register the face detail and then whenever the screen is active with the locked screen, it takes lesser than a second to recognize and unlock the screen.

Dedicated storage expansion

In India, unlike how it is in the West, the users like to have two SIM cards actively present on their phone and while doing that, the users should have the freedom to use a MicroSD card to expand the storage if the given storage in the phone doesn’t seem enough. The Vivo V7 here has that extra slot that offers the storage expansion without you having to compromise with one of the SIM slots.

Vivo V7 Energetic Blue Front

It is up to 256GB that the storage can be expanded to if you are using a MicroSD card, and that is a good support offered for someone who loves to have a lot of media handy.

The rear camera with PDAF

While the selfie camera is amazing, the rear camera of the Vivo V7 Energetic Blue is no bad at all. It is a 16-megapixel camera on the back of the phone and it has the Phase detection autofocus support. The camera app offers a lot of modes and features to take advantage of the camera and the Ultra HD functionality helps in taking pictures with a resolution of 64-megapixels.

Vivo V7 Energetic Blue

All said and done, the Vivo V7 is an excellent phone for the price and it has the powerful Snapdragon 450 processor powering the Android Nougat based FunTouch OS.