vivo Z1 Pro is what the “Z” generation wants – A mid-range gaming beast

    The ‘Z’ generation in India has been asking for a lot when it comes to what smartphones have to offer for a certain price. Smartphone manufacturers have been coming up with several devices across various price ranges but the need of the hour is a powerful smartphone that supports intensive gaming and comes with astounding battery life. This is required to keep the users indulged without having to worry about the performance, battery and the overall experience while playing games on the smartphone.

    One of the key smartphone trends that have really picked up this year is around offering immersive gaming experience for users. vivo has made it crystal-clear that they have a serious offering in the mid-range category that provides consumers with truly unrivaled gaming experience. Its intuitive user interface, long-lasting battery, and fast and responsive performance let people enjoy and even win the games absolutely lag-free unlike on other smartphones. The vivo Z1Pro is what we’re looking at, and there’s more than one reason why it was used as the official phone for the PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 in India. No wonder the players were all praises about it.

    Vivo Z1 Pro Front

    What makes the vivo Z1Pro a great gaming phone?

    We’ll have to break it down into a few things that all add up to make the phone a complete gaming beast, and the best phone in under INR 20,000 category.

    That wide display with an In-Display Camera

    The large 6.53-inch display here offers Full HD+ resolution and the device sports an in-display camera. The display has vivid colors and good output in every way, making the gaming experience great while playing heavy-duty games like PUBG Mobile and Asphalt 9 among others.

    Snapdragon 712 – an excellent performer

    The Z1Pro is the first smartphone in India to be powered by the Snapdragon 712 and has a great power-packed performance to offer. The 10nm CPU and Adreno 616 GPU handle the graphics processing seamlessly. We are not only talking about PUBG Mobile gaming because there are some other games that put a lot of load on the CPU and GPU, both of which handled things quite well with almost every game we tried on the vivo Z1Pro.

    The long-lasting battery

    We usually measure battery life with several things included, and most of the time, we don’t talk about active graphic-intensive tasks in that. But now is the time to consider that as well, as smartphones now are able to offer the same battery life with those heavy tasks included. There is this 5000mAh battery embedded in the Z1Pro, and while it offers a two-day battery life at ease, the gaming here can be done for over 6-7 hours at a stretch, that too on the highest possible graphics setting.

    18W Fast Charging

    When there is a large battery in the phone, there has to be support for fast charging as well, as otherwise, the smartphone will take longer to fully charge after it is drained with a few hours of gaming. Thankfully, the Dual-Engine Fast Charging technology in Z1 Pro is able to charge the phone really quickly which is a great deal with the large-capacity battery. You wouldn’t really always want to charge it fully and that’s where it gets better as it is good enough for at least 4 hours of HD gameplay.

    Multi-Turbo – software enhancement

    Certain brands have worked hard to offer a better gaming experience to users by providing a good hardware combination coupled with the best possible software enhancements. The Z1Pro with its Multi-Turbo mode helps improve anti-frame drop and connectivity, thus reducing the temperature and keeping the phone cool while gaming. Also, the Game Turbo SDK helps in smoother gaming performance.

    Overall, the phone is quite a performer. You would always want to have a reliable and responsive smartphone with solid features that last long enough to help you win the games you play. The vivo Z1 Pro does that perfectly and offers an ultra-fast, seamless experience for uninterrupted gaming for hours.

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