Airtel taking the right step for 4G adoption, shuts down 3G in Kolkata

    We’re moving ahead to see 5G network getting official anytime soon and Airtel being one of the early adopters in the country with the early tests happening already, the network provider has now started shutting down the earlier-zen 3G networks, with one of the latest market regions being Kolkata where the shift to 4G network demanded the killing of the previous generation network, making it a strong move for the adoption of the newer technologies and network.

    This is one of the first phase outs of the 3G technology that is happening globally, and the mobile broadband services in Kolkata is going to be available on the high-speed 4G network. Alongside the shutting down of the 3G network, there is also the refarming of the 900 MHz band spectrum being used for 3G to further strengthen its 4G network. There’s the state-of-the-art L900 technology in the 900 MHz band that will be complementing the 4G services in the 2300 MHz and 1800 MHz bands.

    The new technology that is adopted, i.e. the 900 MHz band spectrum is beneficial for the smartphone customers who live in large apartments, and also for people in homes, offices, and in malls as the penetration of the network gets better here with the new spectrum, and alongside that, it helps in a wider availability of the Airtel 4G network and superior experience in Kolkata.

    Randeep Sekhon, CTO – Bharti Airtel said: “This is in line with our stated strategy of focusing on serving quality customers with best-in-class service experience. Going forward, we plan to re-farm all of our 3G spectrum across India and deploy it for 4G in a phased manner. Also, it complements the smartphone ecosystem, which has now gravitated overwhelmingly towards 4G only devices.”

    In order to make it a smoother process for the Airtel customers, the network provider has already notified and requested to upgrade their handsets/SIMs so as to continue enjoying the best experience, and the 2G services are still going to stay as that is the base network used on the feature phones. Rated as the faster network in India on several platforms, Airtel has been consistently improving the network quality while making sure the seamlessness still stays and people don’t have to worry about the speeds, the network availability, and the adaptability to the latest tech upgrades done on the telecommunications side.

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