As you all know, the Android O Beta is official, though we are yet to know what the name would be. The preview version is made available for a few devices out there and you can test it out on your device if it is listed in the devices list. However, it is the matter of the added features and everything that has changed in this version. About the name, there are a lot of possibilities which means you have to wait till the official announcement from Google.

Today, I’m going to list out some of the newly added features and the major changes that are with this version.

Newly added features

  • The new Background apps management is a little bit more advanced to automatically limit the app’s activity running in the background.
  • Added support for aptX Bluetooth streaming technology which is an audio codec to ensure high-quality audio.
  • Adaptive icons to make it easier for developers to integrate any type of the icons they make can be easily adjusted to the interface.
  • Neighborhood Aware Networking (NAN) mode for Wi-Fi makes it easier for file sharing if both the phones have NAN as it doesn’t need any additional app.


  • Picture-in-picture video and new windowing features help the users to watch videos by shrinking the video screen and do their other work on the screen.
  • Official Autofill API from Google is helpful to autofill all the apps and other forms on the phone.
  • Navigating the Android with the keyboard will be much easier with the new features added to the keyboard.
  • App Badges which show the unread notifications count on the App’s icon.
  • Newly added Notification channels will help you filter the notifications from a certain app.
  • You can now snooze individual notifications for the time period of your choice. You just have to tap the symbol beside the notification and you can snooze it. You can also undo it if you want to.
  • Newly added File Manager named ‘Files’. Google has added a file manager from the Android 6.0 and above but it never had an app drawer icon instead you needed to open the Downloads app. But now, it is added to the app drawer as “Files”.


  • Added support for native themes. However, this seems to be in development stages and may or may not show up in the final build.
  • System UI tuner with customization options. With the new System UI tuner, you can customize the navigation bar and status bar.
  • The Settings app has been completely re-designed with many changes.
  • Custom Shortcuts to perform various actions can be added to the homescreen from the System UI tuner.
  • To install an app from an unknown source now, you need to give the permission for each and every app that you install from any unknown source.
  • Improved multi-window features with maintaining a view of the app when minimized and can be again peeked into or maximize it.

So, these are some of the major features or changes that we know. If you know or find any other features, let us know in the comments section below.