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OnePlus OxygenOS 3.2.4 update

OnePlus 3 OxygenOS 3.2.4 Hotfix Patch OTA update fixes Random reboot issue

OnePlus has been constantly working to bring out updates with every small issue fixed from time to time, based on what is reported by the users. One of the recent OTA updates from the company for its latest flagship OnePlus 3 said to have broken more things than it had fixed. But now, a new update with the hotfix patch fixes a couple of regular problems that the users were facing.

It is the OxygenOS 3.2.4 update that is being rolled out with a couple of quick fixes, including the issue of random reboots. In the past couple of days, the OnePlus 3 with the latest update had rebooted at least half a dozen times. The update that was installed about a few hours back has probably fixed it and there has been no reboot of the device so far.

OnePlus OxygenOS 3.2.4 update

Following is the change log of the OxygenOS 3.2.4 patch update for the OnePlus 3.

  • Fixes the auto-reboot issue
  • Improves the call quality
  • Implements various fixes
  • Carrier optimizations are done

It is a little patch, thus the update is sized at just 26MB but it is an important one to do if you were also facing the issue of random rebooting of your OnePlus 3.

Did you receive the update? If not, check the Software update section under the About section in Settings and see if there is one available. It should show up anytime soon, and it is recommended that you update your device with this version of OxygenOS so that you get the call quality improvement even if the auto restart of the phone wasn’t happening for you.

The 2016 flagship from OnePlus has been one of the favorites since its launch because of the perfect combination of hardware and software, and the device has been doing well with the performance unlike its predecessor OnePlus 2. It is selling exclusively on Amazon India for the price of Rs. 27999.

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