Xiaomi’s previous flagship in the Mi series, the Mi 5 has now finally got the Android Nougat update while the device still runs on their custom MIUI 8 V8.2.2.0. If you own the Mi 5, you must have been waiting for the Nougat update desperately and we know that. Now, you can go check for the update on your Mi 5 and update it to the Android Nougat! The Mi 5 is one of the best flagships from Xiaomi and also is one of the best phones of the year 2016.

If the update is being shown in your updater app, you can also update your phone manually by downloading the zip file and selecting the package from the updater app. You can download the zip file of the ROM from the Mi forum.

Here’s everything that is new in the Nougat update

Home screen

In this update, the Home screen settings have been added to the System & Device section in the settings. In the new Home screen settings, you can select the home launcher theme you want, turn the empty filter cells on or off (with this enabled, when you delete an app, the app next to it takes the deleted app’s place on the Home screen), and that’s not it, you can also lock the home screen layout of the apps that you have arranged so that no one can rearrange the apps, for even it happens accidentally.

Virus Scan

You should’ve seen the Security app before in your Mi 5 and you might’ve also used it. Even thought the Virus Scan option on the phone was also available previously, this time there’s a new addition in the process of scanning the device. It also scans the apps that you have downloaded from out of the Play Store. So, this means that there is more security added and you can install the apps from unknown sources flawlessly because the security app scans it.

Automated Tasks

If you have used any of the Beta ROMs that were available, you might have seen this feature before. But now, this is available on the stable ROM as well. In the Automated task, you can add tasks scheduled to a particular time or time period. Go check it out in the Security app!

New Notification toggle buttons

After dragging the notification panel down, you can now see the more button after the toggles. Clicking on that, you can edit the toggles in terms of their position or you can even remove them add other toggles that you need. So, now you can add the battery saver toggle and you will never again have to go to the Security app to enable the battery saver.

New keyboard icon

The keyboard icon is what you see in the notification panel when you open the keyboard to type something. So, the icon of that notification has a keyboard symbol and it has been customized to look more materialistic now.

Is updating to Nougat worth it? It is totally worth it and there’s nothing to be worried about any bugs as it is a stable version this time. Now go update it!


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