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Check Internet Speed on Google

How to use Google to test Internet speed – through Google Search

We use Google to search almost everything, including for a tool to test the Internet, unless you know some of the famous tools that make it easier to check the Internet speeds. Some of the very well known tools include,, and there are apps even for smartphones, but Google has always tried to make things easier for the users, and thus, checking for your Internet speed is just a search away.

If you didn’t know about it, it’s okay as Google has always been experimenting with things and this thing has recently been included. Google has partnered with Measurement Lab (M-Lab) for this particular speed test straight from the results page. To check for your Internet speed through Google, here’s what you need to do.

In Google search, type “Internet speed test“.

Google search internet speed test

The search results will start with the toolbox that will show you the details to check for the Internet speed there itself, followed by the actual search results.

Check your Internet speed in under 30 seconds. The speed test usually transfers less than 40 MB of data but may transfer more data on fast connections.

Internet speed test google

The IP address will be shared with M-Lab and processed by them in accordance with their privacy policy, and they would publicly share the test results for Internet research.

Once you tap on Run Speed Test, it will start the download and upload speed test with the file download and upload just like how it is done with most of the speed test tools. Not just the speed test, but also the server location as well as the latency is shown once the speed test ends. The difference between this Google Internet speed test and some of the dedicated tools like is that here you don’t have an option to set the server location or test location.

The tool’s accuracy cannot be really questioned as it is similar to how the other apps are, and you just have to rely on those results.

We are not sure if this will be available as a feature on Google Search for always but right now, it is not going away and it is quite a handy and easy one.

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