Nowadays, most of our day to day lives are connected through the web. Whether it is our personal or professional lives, all are linked to the web. And often to manage all these, a single email address may not seem all enough. And, we too find it difficult to manage multiple accounts simultaneously.

However, if you are using the Google Chromebook, this should not be an issue as you can manage your multiple Google Accounts simultaneously and that too with ease in the Google Chromebook. And today, we are here with a detailed guide on how to use multiple user accounts on Google Chromebook devices.

Acer C7 Chromebook

Before we begin, all you need to do by accessing multiple Google accounts at once is to check mails, interact in Google+ and such matters, then it is easier to switch between Google accounts within the Google Chrome browser. You can add multiple accounts in your Google Chrome browser by accessing the “Profiles” tab that is available to the left of the minimize button on your Google Chrome browser.

However, as the Google Chrome OS uses each Google Account as an individual computer user account, you can add up different Google Accounts to separate between accounts the same way we create user accounts in Windows.

So, you can now switch between Google Accounts in your Google Chromebook device in two different ways. And you can choose any of the above mentioned method, depending on your convenience.

If all you want is, as mentioned above, check mails and notifications, then switching between accounts in the Google Chrome browser will seem efficient. Whereas, if you are interested in storing your data in different accounts, or if multiple people uses your Google Chromebook device, then creating different user accounts using your Google account credentials will be much useful.

I hope the above mentioned ways helped you to manage multiple Google Accounts in your Google Chromebook device. We would appreciate it if you could also share this article on your social media profiles to help your friends out as well.