The Renault Duster facelift version is one of the most awaited cars, thanks to the pricing set by Renault for the original Duster and now, the 2016 Renault Duster too seems like a great deal with lots of inclusions and a price starting at around Rs. 8.5 lacs.

Let’s talk about the 2016 Duster and learn about its variants, the mileage it offers and also about the pricing along with the new features included in the compact SUV from Renault. We are doing this as a Q&A so that you can easily get to know about particular things you had in mind to ask.

Renault Duster 2016 Front

What are the variants of the 2016 Renault Duster?

A total of five variants are to be seen – Standard, RxE, RxL, RxS, and RxZ. Out of these, the first four models will have a manual transmission while the RxZ is the only one to come with the Automatic transmission. Also, it is only the RxZ that will have a 4WD while the other four will have the standard 2 Wheel Drive system.

How many speeds / modes does each of the model of Duster 2016 have?

  • Renault Duster 2016 Standard: 5-speed
  • Renault Duster 2016 RxE: 5-speed
  • Renault Duster 2016 RxL: 6-speed
  • Renault Duster 2016 RxS: 6-speed
  • Renault Duster 2016 RxZ: 6-speed

What kind of braking system is provided in the new Duster?

It is the Hydraulically operated diagonal split dual circuit braking that is seen in all the variants of the car and while it is a Disc brake on the front, the rear tires have drum brakes.

What is the price of 2016 Renault Duster?

Though the prices vary a little in different cities, the pricing in New Delhi (ex-showroom price) is as follows for all the variants.

Duster Petrol RXE ₹846999
Duster Petrol RXL ₹926999
Duster Diesel 85PS Standard ₹926999
Duster Diesel 85PS RXE ₹946999
Duster Diesel 85PS RXL ₹1026999
Duster Diesel 85PS RXS ₹1076999
Duster Diesel 110PS RXL ₹1106999
Duster Diesel 110PS RXL AMT ₹1166999
Duster Diesel 85PS RXZ ₹1146999
Duster Diesel 110PS RXZ ₹1226999
Duster Diesel 110PS RXZ AMT ₹1286999
Duster Diesel 110PS RXZ AWD ₹1356999

Also, it is worth mentioning that Local entry tax, LBT and Octroi will be additional as applicable.

Renault Duster 2016 Top

Does the 2016 Renault Duster come with a touchscreen display?

It is only the RxZ variant of the Duster that comes with a touchscreen display, and no other variants have it. It is an integrated system with a 7-inch touchscreen that you would see in the RxZ.

Is there a speaker system in place?

The RxL and RxS models of Duster will have a 2 din audio system integrated with MP3, FM, AM support, USB & Aux-in, Bluetooth for Audio and Telephone control, and it will be having two speakers. The lower grade variants, i.e. standard and RxE will not have any audio system.

The top-end variant RxZ has a MediaNav and audio system along with display, Smartphone voice recognition for iOS users, MP3, FM, AM support, USB & Aux-in, Bluetooth for Audio and Telephone control, AHA service, and a total of four speakers.

Which models of 2016 Duster have ABS, EBD, BA, and Rapid deceleration warning?

It is only the basic / standard variant that doesn’t have these features while the other models including RxE, RxL, RxS, and RxZ come with Anti-lock braking system (ABS), Electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD), Brake Assist (BA), and Rapid deceleration warning.

Which models provide Eco mode driving?

The RxL, RxS, and RxZ are the models that have Eco mode driving feature.

2016 Renault Duster CamerasWhat are the new features in the 2016 Renault Duster that we don’t see in the earlier Duster?

  • New Hawk Eye Cluster headlamps
  • New Media Navigation System
  • Cruise Control for better highway drive
  • ‘CMO-10’ Engine Compartment
  • New T4 Electricals & Electronics Architecture system
  • Firefly Fog Lamps along with new Waterfall LED tail lamps
  • Kayak rails are a new inclusion on the roof
  • Newer front and rear bumpers having silver-finished skid plates
  • ORVM controls get a new place, on the door instead of under the handbrake

What is the Mileage offered by the different variants of the 2016 Renault Duster?

These are the numbers given by the company and the mileage is calculated using some standards and rules.

  • Renault Duster 2016 Standard: 13.06 kmpl – Petrol
  • Renault Duster 2016 RxE: 19.87 kmpl – Diesel
  • Renault Duster 2016 RxL: 19.6 kmpl – Diesel
  • Renault Duster 2016 RxS: 19.6 kmpl – Diesel
  • Renault Duster 2016 RxZ: 19.72 kmpl – Diesel

What are the special features that are available only on the RxZ top-end variant of Duster 2016?

  • Driver side auto up-down anti-pinch power window
  • Soft touch dashboard and door trim
  • Chrome exhaust pipe finisher
  • Integrated 7-inch touch screen
  • Height adjustable driver seat with lumbar support
  • Illuminated glove box
  • Height adjustable front seat belts
  • Cruise control
  • Speed limiter
  • Reverse parking camera with guidelines

What are the dimensions and weight of the new Duster?

2016 Renault Duster

The dimensions are as follows:

  • Overall length: 4315 mm
  • Overall width: 1822 mm
  • Overall height (with roof rail): 1695 mm
  • Wheel base: 2673 mm
  • Front track: 1560 mm
  • Rear track: 1567 mm
  • Ground clearance: 205mm (except RxZ with 210 mm)

The gross weight differs with each model because of the inclusions in the particular model.

  • Renault Duster 2016 Standard: 1770 kg
  • Renault Duster 2016 RxE: 1777 kg
  • Renault Duster 2016 RxL: 1806 kg
  • Renault Duster 2016 RxS: 1813 kg
  • Renault Duster 2016 RxZ: 1889 kg

What are the color options in which the new Renault Duster will be available?

While the Standard option will be available only in Pearl White, the other four variants will have a choice of seven colors – Pearl White, Galaxy Black, Moonlight Silver, Amazon Green, Woodland Brown, Comet Grey, and Cayenne Orange (a new color).

2016 Renault Duster Cayenne Orange

What tires are we seeing in the car?

All the variants will have the MRF Wanderer 215/65 R16 Tubeless radial tires.

Do you have any other questions to ask about the 2016 Renault Duster? just comment below and we would love to help you.


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  • Kunal Chawla, Aug 22, 2016 @ 4:34 am Reply

    Does 85PS RXZ can come in Amazon green ?
    Or Amazon green color is available only in Duster Diesel 110PS RXZ AWD model??

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