Smartron, the upcoming brand is all ready to come up with its new products as well as the brand launch in India, and it might come as a good news for Indian users who love products that are made in India. While we await the launch, there is one large device we got to know the details about, from Hindustan Times.

The tablet that is being talked here is a bit different from what we found earlier, i.e. Smartron Tron 5011 tablet, which was found to have Android 5.1.1 Lollipop OS and have a 13.7-inch display with Full HD resolution.

Smartron tBook

What we know about the one from Hindustan Times, is a lot more. Named as the Smartron tBook, the large device could be a hybrid laptop that might be coming to compete against the likes of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and the iPad Pro, with the keyboard added to it. The tablet / hybrid is said to be coming with a magnesium aluminium chassis, 128GB storage and Windows 10 Pro OS.

Alongside that cool body, you can expect Smartron to provide a keyboard cover and also, be able to deliver about 10 hours of battery life.

While we are detailing about it, remember that we are talking about a device that is not announced yet, so this is not a confirmation from the company. Also, if the pricing of Rs. 39000 that is mentioned on the same source is true, we are looking at a good competitor to the Surface Pro 4 as well as any such options because the pricing will be a killer factor and people who wanted a decent hybrid PC will love to take a look at this.

We’ll get to know more about this, very soon. If you are looking for more information, this is the brand that Sachin Tendulkar has invested in, and he will be at the launch event on March 31st.


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