Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Issues Faced by Users & Possible Fixes

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 faq

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is relatively a new product in India, but in China, the phone has been there for over a couple of months and it has been in a high demand because it is quite great for the price. Any smartphone will have some or the other issues, and Redmi Note 3 is no exception in this case.

There are complaints from users already about the software and hardware issues on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, and we found out the following ones that are a concern for now. The most recent ROM right now for the Redmi Note 3 is the MIUI 7.0 ver 7.0.19LHNCNCJ, so if you are on this, most of the issues should be cleared.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

Wi-Fi connectivity issues on Redmi Note 3

This was an issue particularly with the phones that received an OTA update with some fixes to the performance, but that instead got them a problem where Wi-Fi got disconnected frequently. It has nothing to do with the modem in the phone, and it is a software problem so be assured that you can see a fix for that with a software update, so getting the phone exchanged won’t be a good solution.

Fix: For now, it is a bit confusing because some users haven’t got an update at all and so aren’t facing any issue, and for those who are actually having this problem of Wi-Fi connectivity, you might have to wait for Xiaomi to send another update to fix it.

Redmi Note 3 Stuck on Child Mode

Child mode is actually useful when you are handing your device to children, as the phone shows very restricted content and you cannot acccess most of the apps with it. But there is a serious problem here with the Child Mode – you cannot deactivate it.

Why? because you cannot get into Settings. The toggle for Child mode is embedded in the Settings of the Redmi Note 3 and to reach there, you need to look for some workaround.

Fix: You have to get into Settings. For that, one of the ways is to long press the power button, get into Airplane mode and then try to access any website, which will show you an error in the browser. It will also give you a way to get into the Network settings, and from there you can navigate into Settings.

Another fix is by installing a launcher by connecting the Redmi Note 3 to PC using MiPCSuite, and then searching for that app in the browser and launching it. The launcher usually allows you to go the Settings.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 faq

GPS location issue on Google Maps in Redmi Note 3

This is not a common issue but there are users who have reported about the GPS issue in their Redmi Note 3 while using the Google Maps app. For them, trying out the GPS Fix or GPS Test app works fine and it shows the location, but Maps keeps them waiting while not showing them the location at all.

Fix: You could have messed with the permissions to be given to the apps, and thus you need to go to the Security app on your phone and check if there is GPS permission given to the Google Maps app. If it was restricted, you know this is the fix. If it doesn’t get fixed, it is the compatibility issue that Xiaomi too is aware of, and you will need to wait for Xiaomi to fix this.

If you are using the Indian variant, there is nothing to worry about, because this is seen on the Chinese variant where Google Play apps sometimes show up such issues.

Cannot receive SMS on Redmi Note 3

Several users have recently reported about a problem in receiving SMS messages on their phone, while they have been able to send messages normally. That is quite weird but a serious problem as well because people would regularly use the Messaging app and you don’t even know that some messages are being lost in the wild and you are not receiving them.

Fix: There is no fix from your side on this, and we’ve seen in one of the threads in the forums that people are told that the problem can be fixed only by a software update that is due.

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Scratches on the screen of Redmi Note 3

This might have to do with the screen protection on the phone, but it is worth thinking about. There is no information about the protection that Xiaomi has used on its Redmi Note 3’s screen, but it is now reported by at least a few users now that the screen is getting scratched quite easily.

Of course, we won’t say that a particular protection might have been able to tackle it, but why not think about the extra safety and have a screen protector or a tempered glass layered over the screen?

Any other?

These are the ones we have found as the problems with Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, and knowing Xiaomi, we are sure that the company will be already working on the software update to fix most of these so that the user experience stays at the top.

We’ll update this article if we see any other issues that users are having on their phone, or if Xiaomi has sent any fixes to the above issues, so keep checking. Do comment if you seem to have any problem with your Redmi Note 3.


    • The company has refrained from even mentioning that, so we are not sure of even Dragontrail protection.

  1. Any fixed issues on Bluetooth ? I turn it on, a couple of minutes later it turn it off itself and i can not turn it on again, I need to restart the phone to turn it on

  2. There is also a network issues. It goes out of network whenever I I travel. Other mobiles at same location show full network.

  3. there is a network issue..it does not show any network and I can’t receive any calls..whenever I travel..also when the phone is locked the network goes out after some time..is this a software problem?

  4. My redmi note 3 was delivered just today & it is not starting… It is stuck on boot screen displaying mi since last 3 hours…

      • Hello Swati,

        I had face a same problem then i go to the service center and there i have to wait 1 hr due to software updation. here i got the information if it’s battery come below 20% this kind of problem may come.
        So please make a notification on 25% battery life so this problem could be avoid.

  5. Hi, i was very excited for this redmi note3 but ever since it was delivered to me , all that excitement turns into disappointment.The network on the phone is dancing & fluctuates all the time.It’s not stable especially while travelling & when the phone is not in use it looses network connectivity.Xiomi should not sell the product untill it’s not completely ready to use.This is disgusting carrying a phone without network connectivity.All the time it’s showing no service so what’s the fun carrying this phone.Are the developers clever enough or the people are fool.Please fix it so that we can atleast talk on this freaking phone.If you can’t then refund the money & keep it your so called Redmi note 3 with you.

    • on my RedmiNote 3 Pro , there is a Screen light Problems with Disturbing lines moving/Running all over the Display and colour is very low. Turns on just once in a while. Has yellow line in all phone. Upper screen vibrates. No touch effect, No screen scratch. but “Display,Lines,Colour and vibrate/moving/twinkling Display,lines are runing on screen/display”
      ~what should i do?
      ~which hardware/software should i should repair?
      ~any solution plis help me…i need my phone display back to normal.
      My Cell-08794046895/7005934785
      [email protected]

  6. My Redmi note 3 does not reconnect to internet (3G) after disabling from flight mode. I need to restart the phone to get the internet connectivity.
    Any trick to solve the problem.??

  7. I have smart call notification problem and out going call UI problem it sucks , redmi one of the cheating company never buy redmi phones

  8. After updated latest version updates, my front camera coming purely foggy not able see image and incoming voice is also bad like as it i have covered my phone in polythene cover. if i do the factory reset, latest version updates not uninstalling.

  9. I am a owner of RED MI Note 3. Whenever I try to connect to internet through SIM 2 the network of SIM 1 gets disconnected and it restores only on withdrawal of internet connection.

  10. I am completely disappointed and disillusioned with this product.

    I have received it 4 days back and it down not seem to work. It frequently hangs up, the power button does not work and so also the camera.

    The company should withdraw such defective product and pay the cost to the customers

  11. I received the Redme note 3 today… it took 30+ minutes to update the software,
    Phone hanging frequently, keypad not appearing while using whatsapp or drafting any email
    I guess its software problem …Planing to request for replacement.

    Camera… not at all good.. after clicking it took 3-4 seconds to take the photo, flash light is not white..it is reddish 🙁

    installed cleanmaster and phone hanged, not started yet 🙁 🙁 🙁

    anybody facing similar problems?

    • I bought redmi note 3 yesterday. And i noticed a thin line running bottom of my screen. Can one suggest me is that a display problem..

  12. My mobile data does not work but when I gave hotspot to another mobile it was working in it but not on redmi note 3

  13. heating ussue while charging it rises to 45+℃ #to check tem just dial *#*#4636#*#*,

    Apps like fb , insta not work properly when i scrol up & down,

    Sometimes Fingerprint scanner dsnt work properly,

    Battery last long about 12-14 hrs in modrate conditions, 4050mah wtf ,

  14. I received my phone yesterday and the phone ws working properly on 3g network and good 3g speed. Now since morning the phone is totally on 2g and js not shifting to 3g mode. Tried all the setting and google search. Replaced the sim’s also and had a word with the customer support…. but no help!!!!

    I am due to update my phone… lets see if that helps else…. will process for refund!!!

    • Yes i hv also seen problem like this after update. Only one sim among 2 is connecting in to 3G onother couldn’t connect. After trying lots of time by resetting and ejecting my both sim the problems transferred to onother sim. Means firstly which sim is able to connect in 3G is not connecting now and which sim has previously not able to connect in to 3G is connecting now. Might be it is due to new updates of Anyone can help what to do for reseting phone in to previous update.

  15. itz one of the junkiest product i ever bought. itz useless since the day i bought it. it not even worked 2 days properly. it hangs up every minute & restarts by itself. No control on any keys provided. Getting it replaced once I am back to India

    • I bought my xiaomi redmi note 3 on may in the past few days i have problem with the charging system when i charge my fon it charge for sometimes then it stop it charge again and stop it kept on repeating like that….same with the earphone i have to plug in the earphone for several time for the earphone to work.,……does someone know the solution to the problem

  16. My redmi note 3 siver 32 gb is not increasing charge percentage when connecting charger shows charging only not really charging in battery percentage

  17. the fingerprint scanner doesn’t work sometimes when the phone is locked for few minutes.
    I have to wake up screen by manually n then unlock it..please hlp

  18. phone os tooo good but the only problem is network problem there is network issue in phone i am usinh 3g and wifi both but it gives the speed of 0.3 to 16 kb/s only and some times it gives good speed i also conformed it by using my sim in samsung phones it is working very good and second problem is app lock once we unlock the app and after using when exit it does not locks i have to lock the screen to unlock tha app again

  19. I have redmi note3 32gb gold.
    While playing car racing games, motion sensor not work. If we want to turn a car with turning mobile that time phone sucks…
    Please help me to solv this problem

  20. Hi,

    I am using the redmi note 3. I am facing the problem regarding home button not working from last couple of days. when I press the home button then it goes to last slide (that shows the app) of screen instead of home slide.

    • I am also facing the same. Automatically home and recent comes and goes. like ghost is operating. Very disappointing. I purchased this 20 days back only.

  21. I am experiencing internet issue. My mobile data connection not working . Sometime whatsapp facebook work but no browsing, no email sync. I called customer support and as suggested reset the phone but no luck. Even i used another sim and it too did not work .. any idea guys?

      • 1. By default in phone Xiaomi power-saving mode is enabled, and all third-party applications are forbidden to work in the background, except systep apps.It’s easy to fix this:
        Navigate to Setting–>Additional settings–>Battery & performance
        Find here submenu ‘Manage apps battery usage’
        – standard limit level must be selected!!!
        – Then go to Choose apps – select the desired application and set the value “No restrictions” (so we gave access to apps in the background to connect to the Internet, you can also give access to the following locations)
        2. Autostart.
        Now you need to activate the autostart to necessary applications; in order to do this open ‘Security’ application (buildin app – green label), open ‘Permission”–> Autostart and enable all apps you need.
        Thats all! from now I keep getting Push notification on Xiaomi redmi 3 without lags

  22. Pathetic phone!!! REDMI NOTE 3

    The phone works on its own whims and fancies… Restarts on its own several times

    Cannot use basic apps also like true caller, Instagram etc. It shows not responding. !!!!

    Terrible Network issue. Cannot talk properly indoors, where as phone like lava, xolo, samsung work properly with same network providers.

    Cannot switch between calls during call waiting…

    Phone lock button button dosent work properly…

    • My redmi note 3 also restarts own it’s own even while using other apps. Hangs first or becomes irresponsive and then restarts/reboots though I have deactivated auto update option. Bugs????. please provide a suitable solution if u get one!

  23. my redmi note 3 was working fine till now.but now it is not able to download the update v7.3.5.0!i have tried downloading it on my phone and even on laptop.checked my internet connection!still nothing!please help!!!!

  24. I am not able to set the wallpaper from the gallery. and it’s saying ‘can’t load the image’. I thought it will recover after updating to but it didn’t. please if anybody have the solution then reply.

  25. does any one know what is the benefit of dual tone flash of redmi note 3 rear camera. I have been using this mobile phone since two months but dont know how to turn yellowish flash of rear camera into white flash. If anyone knows, pl update.

  26. I just bought one. The phone is not worth it. You cannot select network preferences if you are using both sim cards. Also in some sim cards data connection won’t work, like BSNL. You cannot keep both sims and memory card at once. It also has several other bugs. MIUI is the buggiest UI I have ever seen. DO NOT BUY THE CHINESE. If you do make, make sure to use custom a custom ROM.

  27. Cannot receive SMS on Redmi Note 3:* l have learnt that sms cannot receive but able to sent out normally on LTE mode, this can be be Fixed only by selecting 3g or 2g mode only.

  28. I am using redmi note 3 from last few days. Whenever i want to messege someone on facebook,when i touch people’s chat option, messenger doesn’t open rather it shows previous screen and also no chat heads are shown.please help if someone can

  29. I purchased my redmi note 3 in India and now using it in US, suddenly my phone started heating and discharge in an hour. After fully charging it and in around an hour It automatically switches off. It is now taking a lot of time to charge and while charging it heats a lot. It continuously face network issues, will show show network then will say no network then emergency calls only.
    Please help me find the fix for these problems.


  31. I was taken 20 days back redme note3 mobile.. now it is charging 35 percent only… what is the problem … plz suggest me

  32. i put my redmi note 3 under my pillow and slept on it. the next day it has stopped functioning.nothing is showing on the screen again.please i need your.

  33. Your Comment
    I bought redmi note 3 yesterday. And i noticed a thin incomplete line running horizontally over my screen. Can one suggest me is that a display problem..

    • Bro.. That is battery indicator… U can manage the battery indicator option in settings>Additional Settings>Battery..

      There are 3 options>
      1. Graphical (Shows normal battery symbol)
      2. Percentage (Shows battery symbol with percentage remaining)
      3. Top Bar (Shows horizontal line .. it will keep decreasing in length as battery discharges and vice versa)

      You can manage as you want. 🙂 🙂

  34. Hello every one there in huge fan of xiaomi I have used redmi note 4g and reedmi note prime both are outstanding in performance and having great look…but few day a go I purchased redmi note 3 gold it fine till 6 th day and from 7 th day I found a blue colour cover near to display hold strip and later calling sensor is stopped working and the logo of head phones stay fixed even unplug headphones it appears always…and I have no option to use another one due to xiaomi excellence of service and miui too….redmi note 3 is a very good phone and I hope they will fix soon….

    • Hi even i am facing same problem..even i am not using headphone but logo of head phone appears, and i am not able to make calls normally i need to get help of headphone or i need to open speaker to speak..it will automatically disappears at times and automatically appears….please help if anyone has solution…how to fix it.

  35. after updating my phone to miui version, all the sensors(i.e light sensors,proximity sensors, gyroscope sensors, etc…) stop working..
    i guess , downgrading the previous version i.e, would help..
    if anyone got the same issue, please reply and suggest.


  36. I bought redmee note 3 around 1 month before.now i want ti use hike n instgram etc apps.bt even after having data pack whn i registered my id it is shiwing network error again n again.how can i solve dis??help me plz

  37. Many apps isn’t responding ..when I work on app…it suddenly stop working and a pop up message shows that this app isn’t respond and shows 3 options…ie shutdown the app , report , and 3rd option is wait. What can I do …please fixed my problem if possible

  38. I cannot make calls immediately after using mobile data or wifi. I have to switch the data or wifi off to make calls. Does anyone facing this issue? Anybody has any fix for this?

  39. hey i am ussing redmi note 3 from last one mnth n i am facing a problem when i am using whatspp etc my keypad is not working n if it works when i was backing whatspp n comng to home screen i was found my keypad is still opend when i am locking the device it doesnt waking up n this time it still not wak up from last 2 hours.
    is nyone have any idea what to do….?

  40. Redmi note 3 dosen’t support any application for camera to control shutter speed. Please fix it as soon as possible plzzzzz… It is very important to control manual shuttrspeed of the camera.

  41. redmi note 3 is simply awesome but the problem for my phone is that my aux onnectivity is not working. please find a solution for this

  42. in my redmi note 3 while charging my phone is connecting and disconnecting itself from charging what is the problem

  43. I also have a problem in my Redmi note 3 it’s giving very less speed when I am using wifi where as in my other phone I am getting good wifi speed.one more problem I am facing is if I am listening to music using headphone the sound sometime goes off suddenly have to restart the phone to make it work again.please give some solution to it.

  44. Can’t have open music player on top of the status bar/toogle position.. What would be the reason.? How do i fix it..?

  45. A week back bought a New Readme Note 3 / 3 gb and today heated up and stop working.
    No screen displays. Still HOT body.
    If I call ringing but no sign on mobile. you can hear a ring but user can not received call because mobile
    set is not working total blank screen.

    My contact No. +91 09004983838

  46. 3gb ram – joke of the day
    no dragontrail protective glass – joke of the weak
    non prerooted ROM – joke of the year

    I am satisfied…. my whole life is joke

  47. Sir my redmi note 3 front speaker is not working its voice is like tearing..as it is on warranty period….it can be repaired freely or may cost charges extra…and pls say me what is the original cost of front speaker….and I have battery problem at night I fully charged my phone when I see at morning my phone say low battery….waste phone I ever chooses it was best to keep Samsung…and I don’t have proper service in India Karnataka..pls do something or I will case on consumer court

  48. Comment Text*I m getting disappointed with this mobile cz uc browser & flipkart is not working in this mobile & can’t setup my Google account I was unable to setup it then what to do

  49. There are times when my phones back button home button recent button and the volume buttons don’t respond…. What could be the reason behind this?

  50. Hi! I am using red mi note 3. Every thing is going fine except one thing, when I am using my mi head phone or apple head phone for call then no one can listen my voice from the other end. So if any one know properly regarding the same issue then please guide me a bit.

  51. After making call yesterday with my one week old redmi note 3. The screen couldn’t work again.pls tell me what to do ooo

  52. My mobile many times massage ” don’t cover the upper area of display”. I do not cover the area and not use gorilla glass. Please solve my problem.

  53. Its been 2 days I received the redmi note 3 ; plugged into a selfie stick the phone just turned off.. It saint opening.. After that I removed the selfie stick it took 5 to7 minutes to turn on.. I did it again ..same thing.. Is there a problem in ma phone or smthng need to be donee

  54. when I go through the contact list, I am not getting the option to dial from sim 2. the moment I click the contact ,the call automatically gets forwarded from sim 1 . its very irritating. even I had it factory restored,but of no use. please find a solution to this.

  55. Sometimes my phone is not connecting to the speaker plug. Even after plugging it’s working with phone speakers. This is a bug I have found out. I have to restart it several times and then try plugin to play it in headphones and speakers. Please fix this issue.

  56. hii…i am a redmi note 3 user from last 4 months and today i recently face big problem…i was listning songs and my battery was approx 35% and i listen it for next half an hour and then my songs h=get stop and screen get blank and none of the keys and sensor was working…can anyone plz help me out of this issue….

  57. in mi note 3 when i playing ashpalt 8 and any racing games controls are doesnt wroking ?what is the problem

    any solution:-for this programme

  58. i have internet connection in my phone (Redmi Note 3), but when i go to google, it says no wifi or internet connection. Retry. Help me please

  59. 24/09/2016 newly bought mobile was suddenly shutted down.
    what happen to my mobile ?

    more over it was getting heat always..and when i plugged into charge in in normal time too…please kindly give a adivise how can i turn on my mobile now

  60. my redmi note 32gb variant is not showing the simcard and also wifi not working properly the phone restarts automatically and i am also not able to reset the phone

  61. I am watching movie on my redmi note 3 and suddenly my phone gets shut down. battery was 89%. and now i am unable to switch it on again. how can I start it?

  62. Those who suffer from HotSpot problems like they can’t use share it or can’t play games via HotSpot go to settongs>all apps>security>clear data, that might solve it.

  63. my phone(Redmi note 3) back button and ome buttons stops working.every time i have to restart.How to solve this issue

  64. My problem here with redmi note 3 is that ..when I’m on a call or making a call the rear speakers are turning on which is awkward to hear it loud…so how could I can hear with front speakers??

    Plz help me out with this problem

  65. Problem with my redmi note 3 is that …how do I hear with front speakers rather than rear speakers automatically im hearing with rear speakers which is awkward to hear loud while I’m on a call r making a call ??

  66. Hello guys ,my red mi note 3 is not supporting many apps and games.these are installed but automatically stops . Should i have to do some

  67. I can’t change my wallpaper and I can’t even share files through file transferring apps like shareit, xender, e.t.c………

  68. My Red mi note 3 mobile gps is not working.. location is wrongly displayed.. Accelerometer sensor is not working..

  69. recently purchased red mi note 3, a month ago.
    after updating the software to MUI 8.0, I’m loosing my contacts.

    can some one suggest what can be done?

  70. I have some patches….light patches on my screen…I have purchased my new phone a month before and I’m facing this problem from last 2 weeks…..
    What should I do now????
    Please help me with the issue….

  71. Hi everyone.
    My redmi note 3 32GB works fine for the past 6 month without any problem.
    But since last week I do have a major problem and i’m quite worried.
    The notification LED is blinking but I was unable to unlock using fingerprint or the power button.
    The phone just become unresponsive. Can’t wake up, can’t unlock.
    But during the phone being unresponsive, I can feel the heat at the back cover. When I try to call the phone from another phone, It is ringing! but no display to the phone. This means I will missed an important call!!!!
    Every time this problem happen, I have to hold the power button for 10 sec to restart.
    It took few minutes to restart but when i open back the phone, there will be no records of missed call or anything. for me this is a serious problem! I will missed an important call without any notification?

    Any solution guys? Anyone else having the same problem?

  72. i’m using Airtel 4G and i wants to know why Internet connection gets paused once the screen goes off in Redmi note 3. Is there any settings to turn off this option.

    Kindly look into this issue and do the needful on priority.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Nitish 9773595078

  73. I had purchased redmi note 3, 2 months back. now it is getting switched off on its own, getting hanged up. facebook is also not working. I had updated to latest version but in vain. facing lot of problem. its radio is also not working. they had asked me to go to store and it has got such a long waiting customer line that a busy person like me cannot invest this much time. I think i will never recommend this phone to anybody. kindly suggest if somebody has any solution.

  74. my redmi note 3 suckss
    i m not able to open phone,contact and other apps
    whenever I try to open it,it close itself please help me…

  75. While making call load speaker gets automatically on . I couldn’t find any setting to stop this. Is there any solution .pls mail me. Asap.

  76. hi i m facing problem of charging in redmi 3s prime …..m unable to charg my phone when it s switched on….i have to switch it off to charg…plz solve my problm

  77. My Redmi note 3 problem… i am facing 2 minutes again again displayed “Switch access setup wizard”…… please solve my problem. How can stop this…..

  78. This is very bad to me ,because my redmi note 3 mobile is not working properly it has stucked for some time &if i am doing any imp work on my phone it suddenly switched off&on,headset is not connected and sensors are not worked when i am in call and i used power button to power on so please rply to comment,this leads to collapse your reputation and my phone is recently bought

  79. My Redmi Note 3 has just given me an error stating… File Explorer unfortunately stopped… i can’t access my documents through my file explorer as the moment i click on it. The window goes away… Please help..

  80. This phone gives access to assesmbly tests for end users. If you click on Kernal version 5 times it will show the list of tests performed and you can see pass or fail options. This options should not be visible for end users.

  81. I’m REDMI NOTE 3 user. so there on bottom of my phone’s display small white line is some time appeared some time disappeared. There is no any kind of touch panel problem. But still there is any possibility of damage to my phone display.

  82. Comment:net keep on breaking down it was OK before but now it happens like every time its really annoying. I’m not buying Chinese phone again they are full of shits.

  83. My half fingerprint sensor is not working but half’s working what should I do .
    Now I use only the half portion of the FPS to unlock….

  84. My Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 can send files outbound to other devices using Bluetooth but somehow fails to receive inbound files via bluetooth every time I try. Can Mr Chetan Bhawani or anyone else be so good as to provide me with a solution to fix this problem in the near future? Thanking you in advance.

    Kind regards,

  85. Two blue lines appear on the bottom of my display screen . Sometimes they disappear when i lock the screen and open the lock but sometimes the lines disappear only after i restart the redmi note3. Please help me fix this issue

  86. When i reboot everytime button lights will automatically on……i have to go to settings againg again i have to on it and off it though it is off.Please help me

  87. in my REDMI NOTE 3, in file explorer, my dual storage disappear inspite of successful using of dual WhatsApp.
    Plz help in my explorer problem.

  88. I recently buy redmi note 3mobile back side simple touch then it is switch off problem new mobile
    so any have idea pls reply on mail

  89. Sir, my redmi note 3 mobile finger print sensors are not working and I have also forgot the password which I have given as a alternative. I can’t reset my mobile as many important data is there. How can I unlock my device in a very tricky ways.

  90. Hello Redmi note 3 Team,
    I am sarath reddy and i am using the redmi note 3 mobile from past one and i have recently facing problem of charger automatic connect and disconnect and another problem is automatic restarting of my mobile and stuck on MI logo itself from past one week.So, please do needful and suggest the methods to over come the problems and now my mobile is switched of and i don’t know how to over come the issue .

  91. I was using headphone but after removing headphone then also it is showing headphone symbol and i m unable to listing audio. While making a call i have to put the phone on speaker

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