Gionee Pioneer P2M is the budget Android smartphone from Gionee, with the best feature of it being the 3000 mAh battery that lasts quite good. Along with a good battery, there is also a good Android 5.1 OS based Amigo 3.0 OS that is well optimised for longer battery life. But when you are using it fully, you might see the battery drain down quickly. Not unexpected, but there are ways you can try to make the battery life better on the P2M.

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Following are the tips you can follow to make the battery life better on the Gionee Pioneer P2M.

Gionee Pioneer P2M Front

Use Economical backlight feature

There is an economical backlight feature that is available in the phone, and that automatically adapts backlight to save power in the device. You can turn this on by going to Settings > Display > Economical backlight.

Reduce sleep timeout

Android phones are made to turn the screen off after a particular time of inactivity. Keep that timeout to the minimum, like 15 or 30 seconds, so that the screen doesn’t eat up the battery unnecessarily when you know you aren’t using the phone.

Set GPS to battery saving mode

GPS comes in three modes, and to make it more accurate, you are actually putting a load on the battery because more than just the GPS sensor are actively working to find the location.

But when you are not using the GPS properly, you can set it to “Battery saving” setting under Settings > Location > Mode, and those apps which don’t force you for GPS, will find this enough to get an approximate location.

Shut down background apps

Background apps are one of the reason for battery of any phone to drain down slowly. Because of the good power given to every phone, they are able to run several apps in the background and resume from where they were left. It is always advised to shut down these apps.

Tap and hold the menu button in the bottom (extreme left) to open the multitasking section, and thumbnails of all the running apps are shown in a vertical carousel view. Just swipe the unneeded ones to left or right to close them.

Turn off smart gestures

Although not many, but there are smart gestures available in the Pioneer P2M smartphone that might be taking up some battery all the time to stay active and to listen to your gesture commands. In fact, there is only one “Pause Alarm” gesture under Additional Settings, which you might want to turn off.

Use the Power Saving Modes

Of all the brands, Gionee has one of the best power saving options alongside Samsung. Under the Power Management options in Settings, you will see three options – None, Normal mode, and Extreme mode.

We have a guide explaining both the modes, so read that to understand which one suits you to enhance the battery performance, and this is more handy when there is little capacity left, and you still want the phone to stay on for a few hours, even if it compromises with the performance.

Keep the temperature at check

Usually we see smartphones heating up a little when we are charging them. While doing this, we need to keep in mind that if the phone heats up a lot, it is better to unplug the charger for sometime, until the phone cools down. Regular heat up of the device can slowly damage the battery of the smartphone.

So, the Gionee Pioneer P2M, a budget smartphone having the excellent 3000 mAh battery, already is able to provide a good time of usage, but if you are expecting more, the above steps can help a lot.


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