Security is one of the major factors where Micromax has concentrated on in their latest flagship smartphone, the Micromax Dual 5. The phone has not just some good specs but also great inclusions in the name of security. There is a fingerprint sensorSecureVault feature, and also a well-made Anti-theft app.

As earlier said about the security, the Dual 5 has an Anti-theft app which is a very secure way of tracking and locking the device.  Micromax has partnered with the 360 Security for all the security and privacy things on the phone.

Here’s how to setup the Anti-theft

Before setting the Anti-theft, make sure your device has a proper Lock screen security. After setting up the Lock screen security, you are good to set up the Anti-theft. To set it up, go to Settings> Anti theft> login> login with Google+ or Facebook. You have now logged into the Anti theft.

Now add your secondary phone number or friend’s phone number to receive alerts about your device by going into the Settings of Anti-theft. You can also turn on the password to be asked when shutting down. You can be notified on your secondary whenever there is a change of SIM card on the device. (You will be charged for the SMS)

Even if you don’t have a chance to retrieve the phone, you can self-protect your data by turning on ‘Self-protection of data’.

What does Self-protection of data do?

When the SIM card is taken out of your device or the phone gets root access, it will automatically lock the whole phone including the lock of the physical buttons. After it enters into this Lock, it stays that way for a period of time and then deletes the whole data. So, your data will not go into others hand at any cost. Now you know the Security level of this phone!

You can login to 360 Security’s Anti-theft app from other device and operate your Dual 5 remotely for location and other actions. You can manually take a photo, make it ring, send a message, Lock the whole phone (includes the physical button), Destroy Data, and history of operations. So, this is all for the Anti-theft security on the Dual 5.



Sai Abhijat is a biking enthusiast, still a student who is a tech geek and a passionate writer.