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GSMA Innovation City

GSMA Innovation City at MWC 2019 showcases 5G, AI, IoT and interconnectivity

The Mobile World Congress 2019 event here in Barcelona has been a whole lot about interconnectivity. Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, and 5G was at a big showcase here, which is quite understandable, given how the times ahead are looking at better and seamless wireless connectivity. Even in India, 5G has become a buzz word. Telecom companies, industry experts and consumers – everyone has been talking about the next big shift in smartphone networks. It all makes sense not just in terms of advancement of technology but the interconnectivity that is possible with development of 5G networks.

GSMA Innovation City

5G is not a basic upgrade from 4G networks that is currently providing connectivity in India. It is much more than that. At the GSMA Innovation City, what was evidently being shown is the way 5G networks not only offer fast data transfer speeds but also the ultra-low latency when compared the current generation networks, which makes it key to multiple future applications.

Telecom companies in India have also been working to create a roadmap for 5G. Airtel has been leading this space by successfully testing few 5G network capabilities in a partnership with Huawei and Ericsson, at their network experience center in Gurgaon. The results from these tests by Airtel were extremely positive, whether it was to achieve speeds up to 3GBPS, or being able to control drones with high precision from a remote location, demonstrating low latency on 5G. It seems promising with the way tests are happening and how 5G use cases are being tested by Airtel in the country.

GSMA Innovation City

Through 5G, according to GSMA, “users can interact with AI bots to make video calls, check local weather conditions and browse the news, all through a highly sophisticated interface but virtually no latency.”

The possibility of these benefits along with rollout of 5G, might still take some time in India. But what’s crucial is that industry leaders like Airtel continue to take steps to ensure 5G networks are thoroughly tested for consumers to get the best connectivity and experience.

GSMA Innovation City

With better connectivity, smartphone users like us will always have a better way of not just being connected to one another, but also to interact with smart devices around us that are based on IoT platform. IoT and smart device have been growing at a good pace in India. Seeing that there has been an immense growth in the network quality and reach in deeper areas in India, and with what 5G is able to deliver, the entry of this future network in India will change the way people use smartphones.

GSMA Innovation City

Advantages of 5G connectivity

  • To begin with, 5G can offer faster connectivity, and that includes a download rate of 20/Gbits and upload rate will be of 10G/bits
  • Low latency, which has big advantages in areas where the time taken between sending and receiving data needs to be the least
  • With the newer and better network, the battery drained by devices to keep connected with the network will be lesser and that has long-term benefits in saving energy to keep the devices charged
  • 5G would also help in mixed reality technologies that can be put in training, education and professional collaboration
  • The advantages include but are not limited to the entertainment, transportation and the service industry

GSMA Innovation City

5G in India will now define new-age connectivity and the fact that Airtel has been proactively testing 5G uses cases, give a lot of confidence. Airtel was the first network in India to launch 4G services and since then has offered the network benefits in majority of the locations across the country, with unmatchable speeds in several places.

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  1. 5G technology is the main highlight of the #MWC2019 which change our future internet experience with it’s tremendous speed and advantages apart IoT devices,AI impressed us too, at end we can say “Future is Coming Sooner than Expected”

    #GizmoTimesatMWC #GizmoArmy

  2. Combination of high-speed 5G networks and AI is making intelligent robotics a reality. MWC19 5G is main focus provides good connectivity changed everything in life. AI and Iot devices works flawlessly with 5G. This is big game changer #GizmoArmy #GizmoTimesatMWC

  3. Although 5G is still 1-2 year away from becoming mainstream, looking at all this advantages of this superfast network connectivity I’m sure it’s going to be a HUGE Success, Specially in IOT, with low latency network connecting to a Smart Applience echosystem will be more easy, realiable and secure than ever before, it sure gonna get a boost from a network that fast, also enjoying content, making High Quality video calls and sending and recieving large files gonna get lot easier due to the 5G network.
    Also as mentioned in the article if the network gonna be strong everywhere with low latency the smartphone moduls will have their work cut out from constat connenting, disconnecting and searching for network in different areas which sure reduce the battery consumption as well and make the phones last longer.
    although the implication still take time, the benefits from it r remarkable, thanks for the sharing the article sir, loved reading it!! #GizmoArmy #GizmoTimesatMWC #GizmoTimes

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