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JioFi 2 Dongle

Jio FAQ: Will Preview Offer get converted to Welcome Offer for JioFi SIM too?

We had earlier noticed that from September 5th, users will not be able to get unlimited full-speed 4G data on their Jio Welcome Offer SIM cards. It would be a limit of 4GB for high-speed 4G per day, and then you will be able to access the Internet at speeds of 128 kbps.

Now that you are getting the Jio Welcome Offer sim for no cost, getting even that amount of data is good enough. But then, this won’t be a good thing for JioFi users, because they paid to get the dongle and while buying, it was said that there will be unlimited data at 4G speeds. Is Reliance offering the same amount of data cap for JioFi device users as well?

JioFi 2 Dongle

Fortunately, we could confirm it with the Reliance Digital team here in Hyderabad that for the SIM cards that are activated for JioFi devices, the plan is different and you won’t be facing any data limit or cap, and you can download unlimited data during the period of Welcome Offer, that is going on right now until 31st December.

After that, it will be one of the plans that you will have to subscribe to, in order to continue using the Jio SIM, and we are not aware of any special data plans meant only for Wi-Fi hotspot users. So, from January 1st, you might end up with either the Jio Prepaid Plans, or the Jio Postpaid Plans.

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Are you someone looking to buy the JioFi device and already has the question in your mind? Rest assured, the dongle works quite well and has a decent battery life. Also, the capacity to give good speeds to multiple devices will be helpful if you are planning to do that. Check out JioFi review to know more.

The JioFi 2 unit was earlier launched for Rs. 2899, and while several users were awaiting the activation of the SIM cards for their devices, Reliance has now reduced the price of the same dongle to Rs. 1999, which is a disappointment to those who are still waiting to see their devices activated.

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Comments 28
  1. What if I buy it now? there is any CAP in this case?
    Also I would love to know if we can use other sim cards in the JioFi 2 devices? Does it supports 3G sims also?

  2. Thanks for the update, I have purchased JioFi since 5 days, not yet activated and was sad learning about the cap of 4GB/day. This update for Jiofi users being exception from the capping relived me

  3. I bought the jiofi device on 2nd sep got it activated 7th there is a data on jiofi 2 also 🙁
    im from Karnataka
    no more unlimited data i feel like i got scammed 🙁

    1. Dear Daya, don’t worry, once your 2 GB gets exhausted, automatically the unlimited option will start working. The same happened with me also. I have been using it since last 20 days, and its working perfectly fine. So enjoy unlimited data. Further for calling you can activate Jio Join as well. the device gives full day back up, so no hassles as of now.

      1. My jiofi is activated.i used it for 3 hrs but now its not working and no more internet connection

  4. My jio sim is activated but data service is not working. I have already bought jiofi and unable to connect since a week

  5. Me and my friend bought the jio dim together…
    But my no. Was moved to welcome offer not his!!

    1. Did you try to sign in on My Jio app on your phone? Because I did the same and my JioFi SIM started getting 4GB data limit.

  6. What is Jio Welcome Offer for JioFi

    With the purchase of a JioFi device,
    you are eligible for Jio Welcome Offer.
    As part of the Offer, you will get
    unlimited high-speed data, HD voice,
    SMS and a host of Jio Premium apps
    like JioTV, JioCinema, JioMusic, JioMags,
    JioXpressNews, JioDrive, JioSecurity
    and JioMoney. These benefits are valid
    till 31st December 2016. You can select
    between a Prepaid & Postpaid SIM as
    per your requirement.

    Courtesy : Jio Official Site

  7. I have purchase a JioFi device on 08.09.2016. With this Jiofi device they give me a Jio Sim. The sim was activated on the same day. But after I used 2 GB data, the net is not working. A message is appear that I have exhausted my data. Why they have not given me unlimited data till 31st December, 2016 as advertised by them in newspaper as well as on their website. What is the procedure to get the offer benefit now.

  8. hi zafar you should wait for 24 hrs when unlimited data will be activated and use sim in only jiofi2 only then u will get the benefit of unlimited data

  9. My JioFi2 data of 2 gb is exhausted but its 48 hour from the time its exhaust… Now what should I do now its unlimited data is not activating

  10. I have jiofi device and its got activated on welcome offer on sept 20 and it has limit of 4 gb after that it start running on 128 kbps
    If this news is correct then what happened to my jiofi device?

  11. After using jio fi for 8 days i can’t say there is limit of 4gb or not because i downloaded more than 20gb on sept 19 and i am regularly downloding more than 10gb per day with more than 1mbs speed but on 21 sept my speed was very slow .I don’t know what happened because if i had 4gb limit then i will get message from jio about my 4g usage and speed limit to 128 kbps.

    1. Even same thing happened with me today (23rd Sept, 2016). This is crazy. JioFi users paid for it and not receiving committed benefits.

  12. today i confirm jiofi has not unlimited it has a limit of 4gb high speed per day and then 128kbps which is too slow . Such a waste of money thinking of unlimited .

  13. I bought jiofi device today 25th September and also my jio sim is activated…my question is when I check my data it’s showing 2gb limit till 24th December…
    Please someone confirm that how to activate jio welcome offer as I don’t have 4g mobile, how to generate welcome code …or I need to call jio cc to activate welcome offer…
    Please someone confirm, m waiting for reply guys.

  14. Vivek you have to call cc for activatision of welcome offer they will ask for jiofi rsn no. and imei no. after that your welcome offer will start and i want to tell u don’t make any account in my jio and also in web page of jio. IF you do that then there is chance of unlimited 4g at maximum speed.

  15. Can someone tell, if we consume 4gb data then when we get againg. Means ki timing kiya hai jio ki, like others operators ka validity cycle 12am say 11:59pm hota hai (1day) toh jio ka kiya cycle hai…?

  16. Cn i use thd data continue on my jio fi..the msg shwng me that u hv exhausted ur data limit..but my jio voice call is the data wil be cntne..and cn it unlimited
    .i hv welcome offer..but it is i use data..??

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