The MyJio app, in no time, has become the top free app on the Google Play Store in India, surpassing WhatsApp. The downloads have been so much because of the Jio Preview Offer, which is giving the users free data and calling for a good period of 90 days. But, Reliance hasn’t perfectly made the app and thus, users who even though have an applicable phone to get the Jio SIM, aren’t able to get the code on the app.

What code are we talking about?

It is the invite code or offer code that you need to have in order to get the Jio SIM from one of the electronics store from Reliance, i.e. Reliance Digital, Reliance Digital Xpress, or the Reliance DX Mini store. It can be generated only on the My Jio app after you follow a few steps.

Jio Preview Offer Code

The app is currently available on Google Play store and if you have one of the eligible phones, from the list given below, you can download the latest version of the app to see the Get Jio SIM option.

Download My Jio app APK

The APK of the app is important only if you are not able to generate the code on your current version of the MyJio App.

It is the 3.2.05 version of My Jio app that you need to download and install the APK file because it has a bug that will allow you to get the code for SIM, irrespective of whether the phone is applicable to get the SIM card or not. It just needs to be a 4G smartphone and you are good to go, and generate the invite code.

Download the APK file for installation from the following link: Download

Even with this, you won’t be able to directly get the code because you still have to be tricky and follow the steps that we have mentioned in the guide to generate Jio SIM invite code.

If you don’t follow the steps correctly, chances are that you won’t be able to get the code at all, and might have to wait for the official launch of Jio network for public.

Do you have a 4G phone applicable to get the Jio SIM? check out the list of phones below based on the brand to find out.


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